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The ADHD Alien

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We are all sleep deprived at my house. 

It's Alien Playtime!

I’m not one to focus on the alphabet my kid has, as much as I focus on what works or doesn’t work.  But really, the Asperger’s is so mild compared to the ADHD.  The ADHD is like a demon possession, or a Sigourney Weaver alien, that lives in your chest.  It doesn’t even rip your chest open and jump out, which would be the honorable thing to do.  It just lives inside and controls your body, and fucks things up for everyone in its vicinity.

Connor’s chest alien had him up at 2am.  This is according to our housemate, Auntie, who reports that she found him bopping around the living room at that time.  She sent him packing back to bed.

His visits to our room started at 3am.  He flailed around in our bed until 3:45, and then went back to his room.  To be honest, we’re not sure where he went, exactly, but we told him to go back to his room (parenting skills deteriorate in direct proportion to the number of hours of sleep lost).

Then he had to potty.

So basically, he never went back to sleep after 2am.  This morning I told him that it has to stop, he must get more sleep…we ALL must get more sleep.  He says, “but I don’t want to sleep, I want to PLAY.”  I tried explaining that 5-year-olds need more sleep than six hours, but this made no impact.  I then told him that our brains don’t work as well when we don’t get enough sleep, hence the big blowout surrounding the definition of “before” that we had yesterday.

As much as I hate the fact that my child has to take medication, I think it’s time for a med change.  The lack of proper sleep decreases his ability to focus even more, increases his behaviors, and turns me into a total irrational lunatic. 

Maybe I need the meds.


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