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Scene from a Doctor’s Office Waiting Room

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Scene:  The waiting room of a physician group practice for children.

Enter:  Rico Suave, played by 5-year-old Connor, with Mother and Father Suave in tow.

Young Rico occupies himself on the floor of the waiting room, playing with toys.  Casually, he glances around the waiting room, spotting a cute, slightly older young girl, seated in a chair.  Rico gets up, and slowly saunters around the waiting room.  He pauses at a chair, where he spies a pink toy pony.  With the quickest slight-of-hand, he picks it up.  He pauses at the young girl’s chair.

Rico:  “Hi.  Look, it’s a pony” (he sets it on the arm of her chair).

Jezebel, 7-years-old (played by anonymous girl):  “Cool.  It’s not mine though.”

Rico:  “It’s okay, you can have it.”

Rico nonchalantly seats himself in the chair next to Jezebel.  He glances sideways, noticing she is looking at a magazine.  He leans forward and picks up a magazine from the table, opening it.  There’s a picture of a daisy on the cover.

Rico:  “Look, it’s about daisies.”

Jezebel:  “Cool.”

As Rico ponders his next move, a man enters the waiting room, calling for Rico.  It was the doctor,  trying to keep things on schedule.

Rico’s game is abruptly, and sadly, derailed by the doctor.  Damn you, doctor, DAMN YOU to HELL!


I'll be back for you, Jezebel.


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Kid, husband, dogs, my mother, full-time job, maximum stress, minimal relaxation...sooner or later I had to vent. AND we moved from California to Texas. I could start a whole other blog about that.

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  1. That is very cute! Did we have a meltdown afterwards or did the transition go smoothly?

  2. Great, now I have that Rico Suave song stuck in my head. 🙂 Ladies watch out!


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