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Mom of the Year Award. Slipping. Further. Away.


You know how sometimes you have those moments where you go, “wow, mom of the year, right here,”  in a really sarcastic voice in your head?  Usually it’s when you’ve had a colossal screw up of some kind, or some mom of an NT child (neurotypical) has blathered on about the extracurriculars her kid is in, or the all natural organic recipes, prepared from scratch, that she’s whipped up. 

Anywho, I had another one of those moments today and thought, wouldn’t it be a hoot to gather up a list of ten crappy mom moments?  Sure it will, so here we go.

10.  The damn dingo dog was chewing on the fringe of the rug, despite my numerous “mean voice” warnings, so I threw a cup of water at her.  In front of the boy.  Yeah, and then I got yelled at by the boy and told to clean up the mess. 

9.  One time I seriously considered cancelling the evening in-home ABA therapy appointment because the new season of Survivor was starting that night.  And I would WAY rather watch Survivor than work all day and do three hours of therapy.  Ok, it was today that I considered that.  But I didn’t, so stop judging.  I just considered it.

8.  When the boy visits our bedroom at 3am for random things, like wanting to play, or inquiring about the whereabouts of a toy, I just tell him to go back to bed because it’s still dark.  I don’t actually get up, or check to see where he goes.  I just kind of trust that he’s going there. 

7.  My car is messy.  REALLY messy.  With all the other commitments, it doesn’t ever seem to make the priority list.  I’ve seen my son eat food off the floor of my car.  Twice.  (I know, I just threw up a little too.)

6.  I took the boy to McDonald’s for lunch as a reward for good behavior.  Yep, I took him to the McCrappiest place to eat.  It gets worse. After eating, I let him play in the skeezy petri dish of a playscape.  For twenty minutes I sat and checked facebook updates and blog stats.  Fuck yeah I did. 

Healthy and nutritious!


5.  The boy still occasionally lets the dog lick him in the mouth.  I know, I want to gag too.  But I don’t even say anything when it happens anymore.  I tell myself that I’m going to extinguish the behavior by ignoring it.

See, it could totally be worse.

4.  My son likes to sing snippets of songs he’s heard in the car.  Current lyrics heard around the house are:  “Come here girl, go ahead be gone with it,” Don’t be fancy, just get dancey,” and “I’m a loser baby, so why don’t you kill me!”

 3.  I let my son wear his Superman costume and rubber Ironman rainboots (at the same time) to the grocery store.  In January…yeah, I’m that mom.

2.  This one you may remember from an earlier post, but when the boy is being extra obnoxious, I tell him that his behavior might make my head literally explode, and he will have to clean up all the pieces off the floor.

1.  When he was three, I took him to an outdoor tree lighting event at the shopping center.  While making our way through the crowd, he spontaneously started yelling “Jesus Christ!!!”  Over and over and over again.  So I sort of implied to people near us that he learned that at church.  Yeah, uh, no.  That was a total lie.  Yeah yeah, I already know where I’m headed, spare me the reminder.

So there you go, ten reasons for you to feel better about your parenting skills.  I’m sure I’ll have to post a “part 2” to this within the next couple of months.  That’s how much I suck.  But I’m actually okay with it.  I’m doing MUCH better at this parenting thing than I thought I would.  Well, except for the Jesus thing.


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Kid, husband, dogs, my mother, full-time job, maximum stress, minimal relaxation...sooner or later I had to vent. AND we moved from California to Texas. I could start a whole other blog about that.

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  1. Love reading your honest and funny insights into the world of an autism parent!

  2. No, I never have moments like that.


    Um. Ever.


    (earlier today I cleaned up a pile of McD’s chicken tenders that were on the floor in my car. We haven’t been to McD’s for at least a week)

  3. Yeah….We REALLY need to talk about that #8!!

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  5. I love this post! I find it hilarious and a nice to change to hear a realistic picture of dealing with children and animals.

  6. This is great! As for #9, I would have cancelled! Sometimes you just have to be a person and put the mom in the backseat!

  7. How wonderful!! Very funny and helps us all know we are only human!!

  8. I don’t think there is a mother on this planet who couldn’t make such a list. One time after I caught Pudding writing on the wall, I yelled a word I shouldn’t have. Luckily with her auditory processing it sounded like I had said “cheeses” instead. Still had to put an end to that before her very religious grandparents came to visit. 🙂

  9. Hee! I love it. We have all been there. Just love it to death that you tell us all about it! P.S. My son licks the dog so really, you should cancel the dog one off the list

  10. That’s a funny list. You should do a link up of parenting top tens.

  11. How about we start a “I didn’t lose it today and break my child” motherhood award?

    Here from Blog Gems.

  12. Here via Blog Gems. This made me laugh so much, especially no 8 as I do that all the time (and most of the others too)!

  13. I enjoyed this list soooo much 🙂 My nt dd used to sing ‘s*x on the beach’ which I don’t even like.. and as for aspie boy who has done most of the above except the dog thing, which now gives me another excuse to say ‘no’ to all pets x

  14. I remember seeing this the first time!! So funny – did I comment then? Maybe I was still so new, I didn’t want to say the wrong thing… 6-8 – yeah, that’s me too. You really have a talent for humor – I’m quite jealous of that you know. 🙂


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