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Just When I Thought I Was Out, They Pull Me Back In


American Idol was dead to me.  I was done.  After the final episode of season 8, where Adam Lambert lost to that other guy, I knew it was a sham.  What a travesty that the more talented, versatile, and totally bizarre contestant didn’t win.  But this season, Idol brought the big guns.


No, I’m not talking about J. Lo.  She means nothing to me.  No matter what she says, she’s not from my block.  She’s not fooling me.  I’ve never seen her at the Target with a fistful of coupons.  No, it’s Tyler.  Steven Tyler.  He’s like, an icon and stuff.  I mean, it’s Steven freaking Tyler.  Hello??

So hubs and I are watching Idol, and marvelling at the odd, dead-corpse-walking facelift that someone carved into Steven’s noggin.  We started talking about how Tyler is a grandpa now.  Can you imagine being 4-years-old and climbing onto grandpa Steven’s lap, playing with his shark tooth necklace, and his feathers and beads woven into his long hair??  “Look mommy, grandpa Steven did a magic trick!  He just pulled a shiny new roach clip from my ear!”  Anyway, he’s still the coolest mo-fo ever.

Grandpa's gonna take you fishing...for strippers!

But then, THEN, something else pulls me in.  They’re narrowing down the group to the 24 finalists, and they call in James Durbin.  They show his little vignette, and he talks about having Asperger’s and Tourette’s.  And besides that, he’s a really good singer.  So he sits down with grandpa Steven and the other two judges, and they tell him he’s made the cut for the final 24.  Get this, I start crying.  Yeah, I totally did.  Poor James started ticking up a storm sitting with the judges, but when he’s singing, you would never know he has a disability.  It was just so refreshing to see someone on the spectrum doing so well at something, in a normal environment, and I couldn’t help but feel hope for my own kid.  Well, okay, I don’t know how normal the environment is, but you know what I mean.

But I’m still torn.  Is it a shameless ploy to capitalize on someone’s disability, just to lure in viewers, or an inspirational story?  I guess they’ve sucked me in again so I can decide that after a few more episodes.

Grandpa Steven scares him a little.


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