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Why I Can’t Get Rid of This Dingo

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We ended up being the proud owners of this wild dingo dog last Labor Day weekend, when Connor asked about getting a dog of his own.  Our 11-year-old golden retriever is our faithful and well-rested family dog, but the boy was interested in having “a dog that’s just mine, and not anyone else’s.”

The intention wasn’t to give into a five-year-old’s whim.  I thought it would be a great learning opportunity about dogs and cats residing on death row at the local animal shelter.  My vision was that we would visit the shelter, and see all the animals, and talk about the people who were there to adopt them.  As it turns out, they were having a $50 adoption special that weekend and, well, hubby and I are suckers for canines.

After ruling out puppies and pit bulls, we found some medium-sized dogs.  The first one, a black lab mix, seemed to have a problem with his leg.  Nope, sorry, too many potential vet bills.  But there was a cute brown dog.  Let’s take her to the pen and check her out.

How can you not love this?

She was friendly.  And distracted.  Well okay, there are tons of dogs barking and tons of people around, so it’s very distracting.  We cut her some slack.  And she didn’t seem to be a barker, so that was a bonus.  So we signed up to adopt her.

Although she adjusted well to her new home, and new “family,” we started to notice some things.  First, she totally freaking conned us with that whole “not barking” act she pulled at the shelter.  A leaf falls from the tree in the backyard, and she’s off barking up a storm.  She barks at the birds, she barks at the other dog, she barks at the fence.  Sometimes she stands at the window, inside the house, and barks at imaginary things outside.  We got an ultrasonic bark stopper, held it in front of her face while she was barking, and immediately felt stupid as she kept right on barking.

"What's that, bird bitches? You better vacate because I will fuck your shit up!"

We got her lots of chewy toys to welcome her to our house.  Then we got her a gi-normous dog crate when she tried to chew on the couch.  That’s where she goes when we leave the house for the day.  It gets to sit in my living room, and is now part of the decor.  Yay!  You know what else is part of the decor?  The big area rug with fringe chewed off one side.

Oh my, is that a Chippendale? No, no, it's a Pet Porter.

Connor started asking if we could take her back, because she is so hyper and noisy (which is ironic, since the boy is also hyper and noisy).  I explained to him that she was part of our family now, and we have to have patience and teach her how to behave.  Who am I kidding?  We can’t even teach the boy to behave.  The energy of the boy and the dog, combined, could power a large city like Los Angeles or Chicago.  Even our faithful, tired old dog was losing patience, because new dog wanted to wrestle…about 11 hours a day.

And all of a sudden, his peaceful slumber was disturbed by the arrival of a wild, crazed dingo.

But she loves us.  Fiercely.  Anytime someone comes over that she doesn’t know, she runs and stands next to me, barking loudly (of course).  When old dog is out in the dark abyss of the back yard, and I’m standing at the door calling him, she charges out to find him, and leads him to the door by pulling on his neck with her mouth. 

She is noisy, messy, and has poor listening skills.  She looks exactly like a wild dingo, despite the fact we were told she was an Australian Shepherd mix.  She drives us all insane.  She has elevated our nut house to a full-fledged crazy house.  But she’s part of our insane family now.  She’s even grown on Connor, enough for him to show her his schoolwork this morning and tell her he loves her.  Ironically, it is a booklet about “My Dog.”

Let's be real, she's just hoping he drops some food.

That dog looks like a good dog, not a dingo.


Connor named her “Dora,” after that chubby girl that runs around the jungle unattended, except for her pet monkey.  We usually just call her Dingo.  It fits.

And by the way, here’s a picture of an actual dingo, in case you didn’t believe me.

Probably the one that ate that baby in that movie.


P.S.  If you like Dingos, click here.


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  1. OMG! That is a dingo! This is one of the funniest posts I’ve read. I love the pictures. But, really it looks like you found yourselves a perfect new family member who got you new furniture (pet carrier is very nice!) and gave Connor a subject for his homework. Just let us know when Connor is telling the teacher the dog ate his homework, because, given the rest of the post, I’d believe that one!

    • Thanks! You can bet Connor will be feeding his homework to the dingo!

    • Hi, when I first saw your dog’s pic I wondered how my dog managed to get his pic on your website : ) He’s also a rescue dog and he came form the Carolina’s. The local name for the yellow wild dogs from that area is Carolina Dog or Yallar Dog. They are an ancient dog that came across the land bridge from Asia to North America with native Americans thousands of years ago, AND they are also closely related to Dingos. Check out:
      Be patient and give lots of gentle attention to your dog, he will settle down. They are quite smart and very trainable.

  2. She’s totally a dingo! As long as yo don’t come screaming out of the house saying “a dingo ate my baby!!” she’s a keeper. What IS up with Dora running around like that anyway???

  3. I think that Dingo ate my baby. This post has taught me some great lessons for if we ever decide to get a dog. Mostly to not get one.

  4. Wow – even though she’s hyper … the whole charging out to get the other dog seems like a neat bonus. I need some kind of dog to get my Aspie when he darts away because he’s having a meltdown.

  5. Oh, dear….you forgot the sweet nugget about her digging up my french drain! The very next day I put it in no less!!
    Sweet Dora!

  6. Love love love.

    I am a sucker for a badly behaved adorable pet. We have a hellion over here named Jack. A Lakeland Terrier . . . he shares many of the traits Dora possesses. My husband is not the biggest fan of the evil smaller dog Jack, preferring instead our old and well-behaved Labrador.

    But there is something about a sparkly glint of mischief that I love.

    And he is so damn cute!

    Much like your dingo-dog.

    Cuteness makes up for quite a lot.

    It so does.

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  8. Hilarious post! This is likely what will happen if we get (another) a dog. My older son keeps asking for one and to be honest afer our last one passed away I decided I wouldn’t do it again until the kids were no longer the babies. Dora is very loud. I can’t wait until both of my sons outgrow her. Why does she have to talk so loud??

  9. Oh my dora does look like a dingo

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  12. Dingos don’t have tipped ears or tails as long as yours does.


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