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My Eyes, My Eyes!!

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You know how we’ve had some “challenges” instilling the love of reading into Connor?  No?  Then click here and get caught up.

Back?  Okay.  So ever since we started pointing to words and making Connor say them, storytime has gone straight to hell.  But this week he brought home a new library book from school.  It’s about a chameleon.  And I hate it.  Really.  It’s disgusting.  Let me show you why.

That thing is eating a caterpillar. NOT a book for mommies.

I hate it because it has real pictures, not cutesy cartoon pictures.  See, these are not pictures I want to look at.  Animals and people, yes.  Bridges and cranes and bulldozers, okay.  Amphibians and insects, not so much.  But boys like things like this, and any book my boy likes is a good book.  Even if it’s totally gross.

The chameleon has friends in this book.

Friends don't sting friends. Someone needs a time out.


We’ve read this book every night since he brought it home.  But last night, on the very first page, Connor puts his hand up and says,  “no, I want to read it.”

And in my head, there’s a freakin’ party going on.  Yeah, baby!

He read almost every page of the book.  Granted, we’ve read the damn thing ten times already, and he’s memorized it.  But I was there for every reading, and I don’t have it memorized, so I’m kind of impressed.  And when he read, he ran his finger along under each word.  Bonus!

So while I find the book visually offensive, I’m just going to suck it up.  But I’m really, really hoping the school library doesn’t have any books about cockroaches.




P.S.  Psssst!  Click the chick, I won’t tell anyone.  It’s our little secret. 


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  1. Hmmm, I’m thinking there is a whole library he’s gonna be bringing home to mama!!

    Really?! LOVE this! He’s reading – on purpose and happy!! Yay for gross disgusting things!

  2. Be warned there is a book on Dung Beetles. No lie. A beetle that lives off elephant crap. And it’s with real pictures too….

    But if he’s reading then, “all hail the almighty dung beetle/scorpion/insect thingie!!!”

    That’s awsome!

  3. I am right there with you! I had to scroll quickly past the scorpion picture, cause I hate them! Not sure if you have animals or not, but have you noticed that at pet stores they like to keep the little see through containers of millworms right by the checkout? UGH! Me and bugs are just NOT FRIENDS

  4. Oooooh. I can’t wait til you get the dung beetle that Lizbeth is so find of.

  5. **ewwww** I hate pictures (or images on TV) of insects. The worst thing is they’re blown up so much you can see every detail!! Running into one of those things in real life is almost not as bad cause at least you don’t have to see a high definition version!!

  6. That book had a real sting in the tale! Oh sorry, that was awful. I’m dreading that icky bug phase, I hate insects. So I’m moving to Africa, that can’t be a wise combo. 🙂

  7. Well…that’s what you get for having a boy! 😀 Glad he’s reading…that’s more than I can say for my 15 year-old!


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