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Flat Flannery Friday #4

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I’ll bet you didn’t think Flat Flannery would be around this long, did you?

She’s got game, yo.


(check out her game bio here)


The interesting thing is that, following last week’s girl’s night out with Grace, from That’, Flanny went off the radar.


Turns out, Flanny had some big plans in the works, and didn’t want to brag.  She’s a lady that way.

It seems that Flanny took a little jaunt “across the pond” to visit our friend MarsupialMama, from Autism Rocks.

Well, not really to see her, per se.  She decided to visit because she was there for other reasons.  She was in jolly old England as a very important, invited guest.

And Marsupial Mama got some photos from the TV as evidence.  “So attached in this message is photographic evidence of Flat Flannery’s super powers.”

SUPER POWERS.  I didn’t say it, I’m just repeating it.

Hot footin' it in with Pops and the Step Beast.

Originally, Sir Elton asked Flannery to accompany him, but she declined because his seats weren’t as good as hers.

But it was a little embarrassing when they asked her to sing.

But then she found herself right in the middle of a very personal moment.    Major faux pas!!

Flanny decided it was time to beat a hasty retreat, and bummed a ride with the UK Royal Air Force.  Flanny loves a man in uniform.

All this jet-setting takes a toll on a girl.  Flanny is ready for a little R & R when she gets stateside.  Of course, Marsupial Mama offered some relaxation at her place, but there was far too much vomiting going on.

Check back next Friday and see where Flat Flannery stops to relax and rejuvenate.




About Flannery

Kid, husband, dogs, my mother, full-time job, maximum stress, minimal relaxation...sooner or later I had to vent. AND we moved from California to Texas. I could start a whole other blog about that.

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  1. If only I’d given my vomit buckets over to Marsupial Mama there would have been no excuse….she’s going to need a serious break, with all the boozing last week and now the wedding, that’s one busy lady/hussy/tart.

  2. It looks like Flanny got shat out by the priest in the first pic. Then she snuck a ride in Kate’s bouquet unnoticed. Crafty little beaver she is.

  3. Flat Flannery is totally whoring all over the globe. I wonder if she made out with Henry?! hmmm I may have to let her come visit me soon 🙂

  4. It’s not nice to make faces behind the back of the Dean of Westminster! Even when he is wearing a shower curtain stolen from the Trump Taj Mahal Casino Hotel.

  5. Flanny is high society! From her beginnings in a puke bucket, she’s graduated from casinos to the Royals… hmmm. Way to bust in on the big kiss, Flats! Dying to see what comes next! 😉

  6. At least none of the Royals puked on FF. I think she needs a little sunshine, tho.

  7. Well, this is certainly a step up from the urinal, sparkling clean though it was.

  8. Yeah, Sir Elton asked me to be his date after Flanny laughed in his face, but I declined for the same reason.

    @Sharyn – LMAO! The Taj Mahal has gone from gaudy to run-down gaudy. You made a fine comparison indeed!

    And why is that one guy in the fighter jet facing backwards?? Doesn’t he have his seatbelt on?? This just seems unsafe.

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