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This is Connor’s Mother

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For Mother’s Day, Connor made me a card in his kindergarten class.  It is the most awesome card ever!!  It’s awesomeness almost made up for the death trauma on Friday night.

This is my child’s Mother’s Day masterpiece:

You see how he drew me in red?  That’s because he knows red is my favorite color!  He’s a thinker, that kid.  Also, notice that I have fingers now.  No nose, or clothing, or hair, but I have fingers, and that’s good for scratching.

You’ll notice I had to correct the name.  He did a very good job, but he doesn’t know that I’m concealing my identity, due to my contractual obligations with Harpo Productions.

Next you will notice my age.  I was sitting at the table with him when I looked at the card, and I started laughing.

Connor:  “What’s funny?  What are you laughing about?”

Me:  “You wrote that I’m 10 years old.  I’m 40 years old, which is really old, and I thought it was funny that you thought I was young.”

Connor:  “Oh, hahahahaha!!!  That’s funny!  I forgot you’re old!  That’s so silly!!”

I also really like that he thinks turkey is my favorite food, and that if you’re sounding out turkey, his spelling was right.  I also like that the teacher thinks I’m so stupid that she had to clarify that he meant turkey.

I didn’t burst his bubble by telling him that Mexican food and/or pizza would be my favorites.  They are harder to spell, and I will let him keep on thinking that healthy things like turkey are my faves.

Lastly, I just adore that he thinks my favorite thing to do in the world is to play with him.  See, he spends every single second at home, following me around, begging “play with me, let’s play light sabers, let’s play cars.”  I remind him constantly that I have chores to do, and can’t play with him every moment of the day.

But he thinks that is the thing I want to do most in the world which, sometimes it is.  So I will let him go right on thinking that.  Sooner or later he will realize on his own that usually my favorite thing to do is nap.

I hope that you all had a peaceful, happy Mother’s Day!!


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  1. You may not be so stupid as to need the teacher to clarify what “trke” is, but I cannot say the same thing about myself. I was actually stumped there for a second.

  2. **awwww** That’s so freaking CUTE!!! I love that you can scratch now! And you look so happy!! Awesome card!

  3. Not JUST fingers. Beautiful flower hands. So, when you scratch your pits, your fingertips will always smell like gardenias. Brilliant.

  4. Wait, you are not 10 years old?!? I feel robbed.
    I love that he thinks you love to play with him–that is a beautiful reflection of how he sees you. Don’t deny it, I know you do a mean Luke Skywalker.

  5. I think even better than the card, is his response to you being “old”.

    Connor: “Oh, hahahahaha!!! That’s funny! I forgot you’re old! That’s so silly!!”

    That is just awesome! It made me smile. 🙂

    Love ya!

  6. OMG – ROFLAO! The teacher spelling out turkey and then Grace and you!! What I really want to know is what kind of eye makeup you are using! That some major eye going on…

    I love that he thinks you are 10 also. Now teach my kid to say that please… 😉

  7. I did the opposite…when my parents were like 35, I said that they were 56. Interesting that he thinks you are so young. Your fingers look like you are retaining a bit of water.

  8. Great card! Hope you got to do your favorite thing on Mother’s Day.


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