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Big Pimpin’ at Walgreens

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Kindergarten is proving to be something akin to speed dating.  I’ve previously mentioned that Connor already made his first marriage proposal this year.

I’m not sure when there’s time for all this co-ed socialization, what with learning sight words and all the numbers to 100.  Yet my son seems to know every girl’s name, and some of the boys as well.

We stopped at Walgreens yesterday.  While standing in line, Connor decided to peruse the rack of cheap, gaudy jewelry near the register.  Pretty soon he comes tap dancing up to me.

Connor:  “I want to get these for Deja.  She’s my girlfriend.”

He was holding a pair of gi-normous hoop earrings.

Giiiiiirl, you look fly in them Walgreen's earrings!


Me:  “I think those are too big for Deja.”

Connor:  “No, she’s bigger than me, so these are fine.”

Me:  “No.  We don’t even know if she has pierced ears, and you are not buying jewelry for girls in kindergarten.  I didn’t even get jewelry for Mother’s Day.”

Connor:  “Fine!”

He settled on getting himself a stuffed puppy dog.

Me:  “So tell me about this Deja.”

Connor:  “She’s my girlfriend.  So is Mady.”

Me:  “And what about that girl you asked to marry you?”

Connor:  “Oh yeah, I forgot.  That’s 3 girlfriends.”

Me:  “What is a girlfriend?”  I like to walk on the wild side and ask the loaded questions.

Connor:  “She’s a girl, and my friend.”  That sounds pretty innocent.

Me:  “Oh, that’s it?”

Connor:  “Yeah, and we’re getting married.”

It’s a good thing kindergarten will be over in two weeks.  But I’m already starting to worry about 1st grade.  We might be moving up to cubic zirconia by then.



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Kid, husband, dogs, my mother, full-time job, maximum stress, minimal relaxation...sooner or later I had to vent. AND we moved from California to Texas. I could start a whole other blog about that.

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  1. I’m going to start calling Conner “Cody.” You know, that guy on TLC’s Sister Wives. He has four wives….That should give Connor, aka: Cody a role model, somebody to look up to….

  2. **lol** I don’t know what’s more awesome, the picture of lil Kim you posted, or the fact that Connor wanted to buy his kindergarten playmate (**ahem** no pun intended) some jewelry!

  3. I’m hoping my son is gay. Jury’s still out, but he’s not shopping for bling at Walgreens, so I’ll take that as a good sign.

    And I really need to stop lending my clothes to Lil Kim.

  4. I agree with MasupialMama. That picture was friggin’ “awesome”. LOL

    My girls started having “boyfriends” in preschool. One had their first kiss in preschool, the other in first grade; if I remember correctly. I have tried to block out some memories. Though the kindergarten kisses are way easier to deal with then the idea of my teen spit swapping this school year.

    Let’s hope Connor gets through the next two weeks without having to introduce you to his baby’s mama. Sorry. I coudln’t resist. LOL

  5. That’s freakin hilarious! 😀

  6. Is that an updated picture of Flat Flannery?

  7. Love it! I got my first proposal in Kindergarten. According to my Mom, I accepted then left TImmy Batt at the alter because I wanted to be president. I am pretty sure I am not that dumb, so I think it was just because the ring was from a gumball machine.

  8. God! How I need a bedazzler!

  9. Got a little confused there – is he engaged to all 3 girls or just the one? And how did he learn that bling is the way to a girl’s heart, mama? Hmmm….

  10. ps: reminding me of Timmy Batt’s proposal is totally how today’s post on Susie Quatro came about. In other words, I blame you!

  11. ok I am not stalking, its just that someone sent me this link today…and well with the three girlfriends and all, I thought of you. CUTEST THING:

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