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  1. Yeah for anesthesia! Don’t forget to post pictures of your new boobs. I mean procedure. I think I’m gonna go get some cake now.

  2. I hope your colonoscopy results came out clean as a whistle!

    I myself will be enjoying some anesthesia-induced stupor in two weeks. Sadly, though, I doubt cake will be involved in any way. I wasn’t bummed about it before, but now I am. The cake, I mean.

  3. All great writers leave their readers with a little mystery. Hmmm, Kara took the obvious. Grace took the other end… I’m going with a little lifting of the effects of cake or gravity, perhaps?

    Glad you made it through the anesthesia and are back on the other side… Didn’t hear about any white light though. What does that tell us? 😉

  4. Those conversations are gold, just gold. Thank you for that. And I’m the same way, I get really freaky about anesthesia too! I’m all curious now about this so called “procedure”…

  5. Now listen, we all know they went in there and removed that canker off your ass and while they were at it they threw in filing down your bunions as an added bonus. So show us a pretty little picture of those nice smooth feet. You can save the butt shot. No need to show everything….

    Seriously, I’m glad you made it out OK and I have to go check out the Outlander series. Sounds like it could remove me from my current thoughts for a while……bliss!

  6. Outlander series is fantastic! And there is a reason, which you learn later. Besides it’s great being behind on a series because you never have to wait for the next book (which I’m doing with this particular series right now…stupid November get here already!!!! I want to read The Scottish Prisoner!) Ahem. Anyway, glad your procedure went well, you didn’t die, and that you can now have cake…or something. Cake and Outlander in the same post have just sent my mind twirling and I can’t really concentrate…


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