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Proof That Karma Exists and It Is Out To Get Me

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Do you remember my last post about the neighbor boy, Wee Man??  Oh, you were super busy that day and missed it?  Well here then, just go here real quick and catch up.

Back?  Great.  Let’s get on with the show then.

I posted that little gem yesterday, Tuesday.  It just so happens that when I was at the library last week, getting the next book in the Outlander series, I picked up a flyer about the Friends of the Library.  They do all the fundraising and activities planning for our city library.  Their newsletter said they needed volunteers, and someone to be their historian.  Well since I have an abundance of spare time, I decided to email them and let them know I was interested.  They asked me to come to their monthly meeting, which was TUESDAY EVENING.

Okay, so no problem there.  I attend the meeting.  At the end, there’s some friendly, idle chit-chat, and they ask which school my son goes to, so I tell them.  Then one of the ladies says, “Oh, hold on a minute.”  She goes to the library desk, and comes back and hands me a book.  Someone had dropped off a school library book at the city library by mistake, and it was from my son’s school.  Well of course I wouldn’t mind dropping it at his school.

Okay, meanwhile, back at the ranch.  Connor has always had sleep problems, and some kind of weird sleep cycle where he is up in the middle of the night and not sleeping well.  We can’t figure out the cycle to save our lives, we just know it happens every few weeks.  It happens that he is in the middle of a cycle right now.  And we all know that when our kids don’t get enough sleep, it exacerbates their challenging behavior.

Well this morning, instead of already being awake and bouncing around, Connor kept on sleeping.  I decided to let him sleep, and go in to work a little late.  Getting enough sleep just makes everything else easier, so once in a blue moon I will do this.

Once he was up and ready, we took off to school.  I usually drop him off and let him walk himself in, but since he was late, and I had that library book to return with an explanation, I walked him in.  It was 9:15 a.m.

Now, are you ready for this???  As we go to the door of the school, and reached for the handle, Wee Man and HIS MOM came up to the door next to us!!

I have never, ever seen her before.  And what are the odds, that the day after my library meeting, in possession of the missing library book, and bringing my sleep-challenged child in late, that I should run into her???

So what did I do??

Not a damn thing.  I was rushing to get Connor into school, had to get myself to work, and couldn’t think of anything other than “good morning, how are you?”  Also, I was trying to quickly take her in, and see if she looked like a bad mom, or a drunk, or the operator of a meth lab.


And she didn’t.  These things always perplex me, because no matter how old I get (ahem), I still expect people to look a certain way, and they just never do.  She just looked like a typical, suburban mom.  I was caught up, trying to reconcile in my head why Typical Suburban Mom lets her six-year-old roam several blocks from home, on his bike, completely unsupervised.

Totally far as YOU know.

Has she not heard about kidnappings??

What about reckless teen drivers, careening through the neighborhood?

So I missed my opportunity to make an introduction, and try to salvage some sort of budding friendship between the boys.  I hate it when I choke under pressure like that.  But then, maybe it’s really for the better.  The last thing I need right now is for Connor to start badgering me about wandering around our neighborhood on his own, because it’s not going to happen.

But do you see what I mean about this Karma thing??  How many planets had to align for me to run into her, the very day after I wrote about her kid coming over??

Stupid-ass Karma!

And how many damn times have I mentioned Johnny Depp on my blog, and I still haven’t run into him at the freakin’ grocery store or gas station.

Also not seen at Wal-Mart....



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Kid, husband, dogs, my mother, full-time job, maximum stress, minimal relaxation...sooner or later I had to vent. AND we moved from California to Texas. I could start a whole other blog about that.

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  1. Volunteering for the library? Telling me to bake cookies for my next IEP meeting? Then posting a picture of Martha Stewart?!?!? I’m starting to wonder about you.

    I would have handled the situation at the door the exact same way. There was simply no time for chit chat. And you’re absolutely right, you don’t want Connor wandering too far with Wee Man. My son still pitches a fit because I won’t let him walk two blocks away with one of his neighborhood friends. Who is 9.

    • @Grace I know, I KNOW!! I’m making myself sick with all this do-gooder shit. My spare time should be spent sidled up to a bar, with a pool cue in my hand. Sadly, reality does not mirror the fantasy in my head. Next week I’ll be baking cookies. Shhhhh!

  2. Very funny stuff ! It’s chancy enough to let kids roam, but letting them roam with others ? Intelligence decreases as the # of kids increases. I haven’t forgiven my mom for telling me she heard Mr Depp owned property in CT – now I’m petrified to leave the house without makeup and a cute something on !

    • @Nonstepmom WHAT!!?? Damn it, you are on high alert now, do you hear me? I’m gonna need you to be on patrol, and report back to me with your findings. If I have to move to CT, well, it’s a small price to pay…

  3. Had to wander over because I loved your comment to Lizbeth’s mother…and hello if she’s here too!

    I am still amazed when the four year old next door tromps off on his own, but am so amused when he stops to shoot hoops with my 14 year old son because “yeah, I came to play with you!” I hate when the wanderers parents used to look well-adjusted because then I thought maybe I looked crazy as “that overprotective lady in the gray house”.

    Hope Johnny needs some frozen foods soon!

  4. Oh My Frigging God. I have it all worked out. My mom is stalking you, she has been for quiet some time now, and she is on the library committee. She knew where Connor went to school and just happened to have that book already handy. THEN, bear with me folks, she also knows waked out suburbanite mom who she called and told her it was a late drop off for school. Thus completing the circle and you running smack dab into her in the morning.

    What??? It could work.

    Maybe if I keep writing Johnny Depp on your blog it will work.

    Johnny Depp Johnny Depp Johnny Depp Johnny Depp Johnny Depp Johnny Depp Johnny Depp Johnny Depp

  5. Eh, not such a big deal about running into Wee Man’s mom. Don’t think you two were destined for BFF status anyway!

    Don’t think you’ve fooled us with your cookie baking, library volunteering self! Both those women you posted pictures of today have prison records and you technically had possession of a stolen library book… Now if you found a post by WeeMan’s mom saying that about you? That would be karma… 😉

  6. LMAO – OMG! I have to go back to read about Wee Man’s mom.

    But after one post, I feel this weird connection with you. You work. I work. You have a 5 year old that doesn’t really sleep. I have a 5 year old that really doesn’t sleep. (which by the way, since getting a weighted blanket – it’s helped him sleep through the night.)

    You love MY Johnny. Johnny belongs to me. 😀

  7. @ AW, I did as instructed and followed the link to the old post when she said **lol**

    And omg what a story!! I can’t wait for the conclusion to this, for you to meet her again or somehow find out what the deal is. You’ve left us on a cliffhanger!! I also like the pics representing the different types of mother… Is there one with disheveled hair and wielding a sledgehammer in a threatening manner? Cause that would be me when I’m with my kids. I mean, no it’s not… I’m the Martha Stewart looking one, definitely. **ahem**

  8. I’m glad I linked back and got the lead up to this story. I’m horrible about introducing myself to parents. It’s not just the hustle and bustle. . . it’s also that I don’t really LIKE most people OR their kids.

    Still. . . now it’s going to be harder for you to introduced yourself the NEXT time you see her and wee man.

    • @blogginglily I know, people suck, right?? And really, do I want to know her? She lets her six-year-old run amok around the neighborhood. I don’t approve of this parenting tactic at all.

      • I like you. You reply fast. Also. . . because your blog actually HAS a reply button. . . you know, instead of just a post comment button. I already KNEW it was “@blogginglily”! Heh.

  9. Flan, way to up the parenting ante. I thought teaching Ellie how to make her Great Grandma a highball qualified as a quality parenting moment, but the volunteering has taken things to a new level. I’m feeling extremely inadequate.

    I am shocked and amazed by the Wee Man web being woven by this karma of which you speak. Kinda makes you wanna throw salt over your shoulder or not step on cracks and stuff.

    • I only volunteer so I can get out of my house, don’t get crazy over there.

      It never occurred to me to make my kid be my bartender. God, how did I miss that??? I better get busy!

  10. Does Johnny Depp pump his own gas? Inquiring minds want to know!

    I am always afraid to say my mother-in-law’s name aloud, because when I do, she calls, texts, or shows up. It’s weird–I think that she is hiding in the bushes somewhere!

    Karma has a sense of humor!

  11. My daughter wants to go a-wandering with her friends but even here in England, I won’t allow it. Not only is it dangerous, but unsupervised children/young teens do stupid things.


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