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Thanks, Lizbeth. I Was Perfectly Happy Doing Nothing.

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It’s not that I don’t have some holiday tales to tell, it’s just that I’m still on hiatus, and wasn’t planning on expending the necessary effort to write and post.  I mean, I need all my reserve stores of energy to eat the last of the fudge and holiday cookies.

But Lizbeth, at Four Sea Stars, just couldn’t let me hibernate one moment longer, and decided to bestow upon me a big, heaping pile of crap “blog award”, titled the “Sunshine Award.”

Which is ludicrous, isn’t it?  I mean, I am the anti-sunshine….I like dark, rainy days.  Wait, dense fog??  Oh, that’s even better.  But alas, I’m stuck.

So, the rules:

  1. Thank the person who gave you the award.  Suck it, Lizbeth, SUCK IT!
  2. Link back to the Blogger (or Bloggers) who awarded you.
  3. Answer the following questions, down below.
  4. Pass the award out and victimize ten other Bloggers letting them know, of course, that you’ve nailed them.

Favorite Color?  Who cares?  Seriously, do you really give a shit what my favorite color is?  I don’t think you do.  Okay, I’m sorry.  Maybe you’re knitting me a sweater right this very minute, and you absolutely MUST know that my favorite color is red.  There.  I’ll be waiting for that sweater.  Or a hat.  A hat would be nice too.

Favorite Animal?  Josh Holloway.  What, you don’t think he’s an animal???  Take a look at this and then tell me you don’t think he’s an animal.

Wild, dangerous man-beast.

Favorite number?  Does anyone ever pick zero?  Probably not.  It’s probably the most underappreciated number in the math world.  So, as a public service, I will pick zero as my favorite number.  It’s light, it has low expectations, it’s my hero…zero.

Favorite drink?  Regular coke.  But it’s become a habit.  A real, serious problem.  I crave it, I must have it.  I know where to get the best cokes in town…the ones with just the right balance of syrup and carbonation.  Therefore, I must walk away from my sweet, sweet liquid crack.  I’m switching to diet.  It won’t be the same, but it’s time to break the cycle of control.

Facebook or Twitter?  I find both to be a colossal time-suck of equal proportions.  We really all just use them to cross-promote our blogs.  But since Twitter carries so many stressful expectations to be uber-witty in 140-characters or less, and I tend to choke under pressure, I will have to choose Facebook. 

My passion?  Anthropology.  If I’d had a college fund, then things might have turned out differently.  But I didn’t, and it didn’t, and so I read about the latest archaeological finds on yahoo news, like everyone else.  But in my head, I’m sitting in a pile of dirt in Egypt with a chisel and a paint brush, and I’m finding cool stuff. 

Giving or getting presents?  Well I guess I’m an asshole if I say I like getting presents, right?

Favorite day?  Friday.  The weekend looms ahead, full of so much promise.  Come on, Friday!!

Favorite flower?  I grew up in Orange County, California.  We went to Disneyland a lot when I was a kid.  On Main Street, there was this cafe called Carnation, and they served Carnation ice cream.  And, of course, they always had carnations on the tables.  I still love those flowers.

Now I get to tag some other victims bloggy friends for this meme:

Dawn, at This Side of Typical – she loves this stuff.

Lisa, at Autism Wonderland.

Tessa, at Apples and Autobots.

Okay, I’ve used up my energy reserves.  I’ve got to crawl back to the fridge for some fudge now.


Edit:  I forgot the snazzy Sunshine Award badge, so here it is.


Now I'm all legit and shit.


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  1. As ripped as Josh is. . . something weird is going on with his pecs. Like someone sucked all the muscle juice out of them to fuel his triceps. Tell me his manboob doesn’t look deflated in that picture?

  2. Hahaha – you are hysterical!

    Thanks for the tag…I think.

    I guess I should go and think up something clever. May take me a while.


    Now pass me some fudge. It’s lonely under the fridge by myself and I’m bored.

  4. Oh yeah. Josh is definitely one fine species of animal. Look for my response to your lovely meme that you so thoughtfully gave me at some point in the probably distant future.

  5. that was the most fun blog award related post I’ve read! I enjoyed that very much. I even laughed out loud about your favourite MANIMAL. ROWR!

  6. And I thought you’d say the dingo… Thank you for showing me how wrong I was. Really. Thank you.

    And I note you tell us red but not the size.

    There is no way I can live up to this post… You kill me, yet again. 🙂

  7. Well, I’m glad you said red. I’m nearly finished crocheting your Saturn cozy. Also, St. Louis is no Egypt, but I’m pretty sure I lost a ring in Ellie’s sandbox. I invite you on an expedition any time. All the coke you drink (and chocolate chip cookie dough you can eat…although there’s not much left…get them while supplies last…burp).


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