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Obligatory Winter Break Post

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Hey, I’m back.

It’s not like I actually went anywhere. It was the holidays and I was busy and didn’t really have anything to write about. But now it’s been so long I feel like I better get something up here or just quit the whole thing, and that’s a big decision to make so I better just write something.

So…the holidays. At 3am on Xmas morning I woke up puking my guts out. Santa had come while we were sleeping and left the flu in my gut. Thanks, Jack.

I dragged out of bed to watch Connor open presents, but couldn’t even make it to the end. He gets so wound up and overstimulated, that he insists on taking each item out of the package and playing with it, before he’s even finished opening all the gifts. That means the endeavor of opening presents takes about an hour and a half. I just couldn’t do it, and dragged back to bed after a half hour.

We had our official Xmas dinner the next day.

But it was good, and he was happy. It was even smooth sailing at the mall, when we went to see Santa.

See, the mall did this genius thing this year, where they had a self-playing piano set up next to the Santa line. This thing was magic for the kids. Connor was convinced that there was a ghost playing the piano because he could see the keys and pedals moving by themselves. He even made this announcement to the other kids nearby, which caused much speculation about the presence of ghosts at the Santa village. See, here’s my kid:

Best distraction ever!!

Easiest time I ever spent waiting in line, hands down.

A couple of days before Xmas, we were downtown for an appointment, so I decided to take Connor out for a Xmas lunch at one of my favorite places. It’s right on the lake, and it was a nice, sunny day. It was the best damn restaurant visit we’ve ever had, thanks to the ducks.

Apparently ducks like Mexican food. Who knew?

See, Connor was beside himself with glee at feeding the numerous ducks that greedily await patrons who clumsily drop stray bits of food. He started by feeding them pieces of tortilla chips, which I was really feeling guilty and uneasy about, since they are hard and could potentially get stuck in some bird’s throat. But there were other kids out there feeding them tortilla chips, and if I told Connor he couldn’t do it because it was bad for the birds, then he would go all Aspie kid cop, and tell the other kids that they couldn’t either, even though he has no authority over them. Then he’d want to know why they could do it if it was bad for the birds, but he couldn’t, and I’d have to explain about how we don’t control other people, and, well….I just wanted to have a peaceful lunch. So he fed them tortilla chips, and they didn’t die, and we had an awesome lunch.

So except for the flu, and eating too many cookies, it was a pretty great winter break. The best part came a few days after Xmas, when I asked Connor to tell me what the best thing he got for Xmas was. He responded, “having you guys for my family is the best thing I got for Xmas.”

Seriously, he wasn’t even coached to say that. I have no idea where he got it, but it sure was the best gift he could have given me.

I hope the rest of you had a nice, restful winter break.


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  1. You’re good – it’s not that chips that are hazardous to ducks, it’s the pico de gallo.

    So glad the piano was a hit! That is genius. For a brief moment though, I feared the headless mall mannequins were going to be involved. I’m much relieved.

    What Connor said? Way better than anything one could ever receive from that “Every Kiss Begins with K” place. WAY BETTER!

  2. That’s totally sweet what he said to you! πŸ™‚ Great boy!

  3. Just so you know I went to eat at that restaurant the other day and they now have a sign that says, NO Feeding the Ducks.” AND there were NO ducks to be found. I asked management where they all went and they said some shits came in and fed them all tortilla chips till they exploded and died.

    HAHAHA! Sorry, I couldn’t pass that up.

    Now if only they can have a player piano at target and walmart for checkout—that would make things almost palatable going there. Naaa, probably not.

  4. Yeah, I’m thinking there have been some repercussions here from the cemetery visit a while back. First the headless mannequins, now the ghosty piano player… πŸ˜‰

    It SUCKS to have the flu during the holiday – I can just imagine you watching Connor in slo-mo opening those gifts… ugh!

    He is so adorable in those photos! And yeah, I was thinking those tortilla chips might hurt them too but hey, they are in the water so I guess they get soggy fast enough to go down. Then, like Lizbeth said, the chips expand in their duck tummies and the ducks blow up… Glad you guys made it out of the restaurant before that happened.

  5. That piano is a fantastic idea!

    I’m sorry you were sick on a holiday though. That’s no fun.

  6. Awww, how cute is he?!? I *heart* his response to the Xmas question!!


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