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It’s More Portable Than a Mini Chihuahua, But You Don’t Have to Feed It

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I totally overslept this morning, which means that much chaos ensued.


“Get dressed, Connor.  Get dressed!  GET DRESSED!!!!”  For a child that is always moving, always going faster than everyone else, it’s amazing how he can drag his feet in the morning.


We were about ready to bolt out the door, when he says, “wait, I have a note in my backpack to show you.”


Crap.  We don’t have time.  But I held my breath and bit my tongue, because it was important to him.  He takes this folded paper out, opens it up, and says “I want to read it to you.”


“Mom, thanks for taking me to school so I can be smart.”


I almost missed that moment, because I was worried about being late.  To hell with being a couple of minutes late.


Super awesome progress.


Now I could get hung up on the spelling, or the fact that he wrote “has” instead of “thanks”, but I’m more fixated on the fact that this is amazing progress.  And I’m ashamed to say that I had feared my son would not get to this point.  I had serious concerns that he might not learn to spell or write.  A few months ago, as he sat at the table crying because the homework was too “hard”, I told him “you will learn to read and write if it kills me.  I will not let you grow up to be dumb.  You are a smart boy, we will not give up until you learn, and I promise you, one day you will thank me.”


This note was totally a first-grade style thank you, complete with awesome pictures of us in the car.  See how we’re both smiling?  That’s because we are so happy to be out of the house at the ass-crack of dawn, driving to school in my five-wheeled car (I’m such a super awesome mom that I have an extra wheel on my car, in case of some kind of wheel emergency).  Also, our house has no windows because it is the homework dungeon of doom.  But who cares, it worked??!


Me:  “This is the best, most perfect note you have ever given me.  I’m going to take it to work and hang it up at my desk, so I can look at it all day.”


Connor:  “But what about after work?”


Me:  “Uhhhh, well….”


Connor:  “You know, you can just fold it up and take it with you.  You can take it to the beach with you.”


Me (thinking):  We live in the middle of Texas.


Connor:  “Or you can take it with you on the train.”


Me:  I’ve never been on a train in my life.


Connor:  “Or you can take it in the car when you drive around town, and go to Target.”


Me:  DING-DING-DING-DING, we have a winner!!!!


Me:  “You’re right, I sure can fold it up and bring it with me, wherever I go.  Thank you so much.”


Connor:  “You’re welcome.  Now, let’s DO THIS THING!!”


Me:  “Okay, let’s do this thing.”


And after school, the stitches come out of his noggin.  It’s a good day, people.  Maybe I’ll take that note with me over to the Target and get some Hard Lemonade to celebrate!


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Kid, husband, dogs, my mother, full-time job, maximum stress, minimal relaxation...sooner or later I had to vent. AND we moved from California to Texas. I could start a whole other blog about that.

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  1. I am loving this! For a couple of reasons:

    #1 – That you slowed down and didn’t miss the moment. Who cares if you’re late for school when you get a sweet note like that?

    #2 – The hope it gives me that maybe, just maybe, one day, I’ll get a note like that myself from my sweet nonverbal girl.

    and #3 – Because you’re taking that note to Target, my favorite store in the whole world! 🙂

    Have fun celebrating this weekend!

  2. Flannery, that was such a sweet story, it made me a little misty eyed. Who gives a SHIT WHEN they get to it, as long as they GET TO IT. Wonderful. I know that feeling.

  3. I would highly suggest getting that note laminated. Better yet, photocopy it, laminate that copy and frame the original.


    *Raises glass of lemon-aid (spiked, of course) in your honor.*

  4. I absolutely love everything about this. It was a feel good moment. So glad you both got to have it. xoxo

  5. What a great note! I’ll bet that made your day! And it’s portable too–that was pretty darn thoughtful.

    You live in the middle of Texas?

  6. Hard lemonade for everyone!!! What a great surprise! I sooo can relate to everything you’re saying here -especially the butt crack of dawn thing.

    He read it to you! He wrote it AND drew the picture. On top of all that it was a thank you?!
    Where’s that part of the post where you tell me how you got to this moment?! Yay!! ( ps-Hope the stitch removal went ok!)

    Call me when you find the beach!

  7. Karla (Mom2MissK)

    Most. Wonderful. Gift. EVAH!

    I would scan it andshrink it down miniature and laminate it so I could carry it around in my wallet… And hand out copies to all the relatives… And frame it…. And

  8. I am impressed. Not only with Connor’s handwriting, but with the sentiment behind that note. That is pure gold.

    Even if you are nowhere near a beach (and you have my sincere sympathy on that one), I guess there are some good things about living in Texas. Namely you don’t have to make a separate trip to the liquor store to pick up your Mike’s Hard.

  9. That’s soo cute! I especially love the 5 wheeled car and the windowless dungeon of doom!! And I actually didn’t notice that he had written has instead of thank you until you pointed it out. You have a really great kid. 🙂

  10. I miss you guys, like crazy, and this brought tears to my eyes. I love you, and that little man!


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