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If only all our conversations could be this exciting.  Oh wait, they are.

This is the part where you go, “Wow, I am sooooo glad I have a girl”, if you just so happen to have a girl.  If not, then you’re going “been there.”

And then, hubs throws me under the bus.

See what I live with?


About Flannery

Kid, husband, dogs, my mother, full-time job, maximum stress, minimal relaxation...sooner or later I had to vent. AND we moved from California to Texas. I could start a whole other blog about that.

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  1. Okay… The crunchy socks had me cracking up. Not because I have a son (obviously you know this), but because I have a husband who has told me about this. Is this some “trick” they teach boys in sex-ed class?!? LOL

    By the way… Just wait until he wants to show you his new pubic hair. (Not the hubby, the boy.) Awkward… HAHA

  2. So its a NO on the maid then??? I’d say all bets are off when you get the first pair of icky socks.

    I’m so not looking forward to when my son gets to the point where he can hang things off it and things like that. Uggghh!

  3. Oh my god. I know it’s not TECHNICALLY funny, because kids are always doing something to give us new white hairs, but the part where you surmised that maybe it was A VEIN? I was nearly screaming.

    My god, boys are all over that thing. They roll it like it’s a Cuban cigar. Hands off. I like how when it’s clearly a MAN department thing, they still shy away from it. Will your hub handle it as well as you? I know you’re trying to offer PENIS EMPATHY, but they still suck at it a bit.

    p.s. we never really had little Debbie here, or twinkies and hohos and fun stuff either. I used to watch Charlie Brown specials when they were on, and there’d ALWAYS be adverts for Dolly Madison snack cakes (also not here in Canada) and I thought they sounded magical. Maybe we had twinkies and stuff, but my Mom who bought ALL junk food, had a strange idea of what was JUNKIER in the junk hierarchy. That’s why we never had HAMBURGER HELPER. That was bottom of the junk barrel, somehow, in her estimation.

    • Yeah, hubs had no choice on this one, because I wasn’t giving in. Not that his intervention will curb the junk fondling…I don’t think anything will!

      Is Dolly Madison the same as Hostess? I don’t think I’ve had anything from Dolly Madison….must investigate further.

  4. hahaha. . . he’s gotta be so psyched this is getting blogged.

    The other day I texted to my wife that she needed to have the birds and bees talk with our oldest. I explained it as “I tell the boys, you tell the girls”.

  5. Karla (Mom2MissK)

    I *am* so glad I have a girl right now. Good luck with this one, Mr. Flannery!

  6. Oh, my god. I’m so glad I only have the girl. SO GLAD.

    Also, remember when I was going to send you stuff? Yeah, it’s been sitting in a box, ready to roll since . . . July. I am a horrible, terrible person.

    • I forgot you were even going to send me stuff, so there. Now, if it was a box of Hostess snack cakes (see last post), that’s a different story, and you better mail them ASAP!!

      No worries. It’s not like you’re busy living or anything!

  7. That was awesome. Thank you for the belly laugh!

  8. LMAO –

    Been there.

    And me thinks, I’ll be there for quite some time.

  9. For fucks sake! As if this whole situation wasn’t going to be enough of a challenge!
    I tell ya, I’m super motivated now thanks to your “MOTIVATION”.

  10. my 5 year old girl with autism and adhd does her fair share of handling her stuff. Scratching it. Making it bleed on purpose. Reminding me that it’s called a vagina. Smelling her fingers. Girls aren’t easy in this regard either. Good luck– LOVE the texts.

  11. What is this thing with the socks? Is it what I think it is?!?! OMG – that is just gross! I’m glad I’m getting a supplemental “health” class here. We haven’t worked our way up to the toilet stuff but I did start putting him in jeans instead of sweats for school. Kind of a lock out – very effective – just not for toilet time…

    And ooh – the Hubs got the last laugh on that text thread… or did he? I often threaten to blog my hubster’s antics – is that wrong? Yours better come through now. We’re all waiting. 😉

  12. LOL this was hilarious!!

    I cracked up at the whole “playing with it like a monkey” thing…

  13. First, sweet Lord, thank you for the laugh. Rough morning. I NEEDED this laugh. You may have just saved my soul.

    Beyond that, AJ does this. AJ also has the weiner dance, wherein once he is naked, he proceeds to dance around, shanking his junk, twirling it like a jumprope. Now, I KNOW I am not supposed to laugh, but that ship has sailed. That is some funny, messed up shit, right there.

    Personally, I LOVE having boys! I’m just around for the laughs when it comes to this stuff. Now, my NT 16 year old daughter going on the pill (acne, people, acne), talking about tampon insertions and the number of preggo kids in her class? Yeah…


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