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Another Meme, With a Splash of Lime

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Nowhere to go now but down.

I almost just can’t believe it, but I’ve been tagged for a meme. It’s like there’s a magic meme unicorn, running around and farting glitter all over me! Since Lizbeth, at Four Sea Stars, tagged me, I guess she is that glitter-farting unicorn.

Thank you, Lizbeth, for farting this honor on me!  Here are the rules of this most awesome honor:

  1. Thank and link back to the person who bestowed the award on you. Alrighty, I think that’s covered (see farting unicorn reference above).
  2. Post 10 things about yourself that others may or may not know, or may not care to know.
  3. Bestow this great and mighty honor upon 6 others.
  4. Go forth and seek out those 6 others to bring them the good news of this award.

Alright then, let’s do this, shall we?

1. I was once pelted in the face with a wad of grass by an angry gorilla, who I’d spent hours observing at the zoo for an anthropology paper in college. He did not appreciate being watched. Connor loves to hear that story, over and over again.

2. I don’t cry when it’s expected. But I do cry at odd times. I cried when Grace, from That’sRightISaidIt.Dot.Mom sent me a package of Tastykakes after reading my post about snack cakes. Not because I like snack cakes THAT much (but they’re damn good), but because I was just floored that a virtual stranger, that I only know in the blog world, spent the time, effort, and money to make such a kind gesture. I’m working on something to send back to her (it’s almost done, I swear), and I hope she knows how appreciated it was!

Tears of joy when I saw these baked goods of the heavens.


3. I’ve never seen a single episode of Star Trek. It just never interested me.

4. When I was in high school, I thought Duran Duran was totally rad. Especially John Taylor, who was totally bitchin’. My favorite song was “Save a Prayer”, because I thought it was really deep (it wasn’t, it was a convoluted mess).

Oh yeah, good stuff. Too bad he looks like a shrunken, hollowed-out husk of his former self now.

5. My favorite actor is Tom Hanks. I don’t think I have a favorite actress.

6. I try to intersperse classics into my reading (like having a veggie with dinner), and right now am reading The Prince, by Machiavelli. It is boring the shit out of me, but if I stop reading it, it’s like it beat me.


7. I was the worst student ever, in the history of people being students, at math. Well, all math beginning at algebra. I was okay with addition. Once letters came into the mix, my brain disconnected. I had to take basic algebra twice, and worked my ass off for a passing D grade the 2nd time. Yes, I was that bad.


8. That math thing came back to haunt me in college, when I had to take physical geography, and was unable to calculate the adiabatic lapse rate of a parcel of air. First off, how the fuck do you measure a “parcel” of air? It’s AIR! I managed to get out with a C-.


9. Although I can drive a stick-shift, I would rather roller skate or rely on public transportation than actually have to drive one. It’s a mental block that I can’t get past.


10. Most of the time I feel like a fraud because I’m not really a writer. I started this blog as a place to vent and share info, but I’m surrounded by awesome writers. Sooner or later they’ll realize I don’t belong here, and escort me out.

And now, the honorees of this fine award will be:

Grace, from That’sRightISaidIt.Dot.Mom – well, duh!!!  Not only does she send snack cakes, but I know she will have lot of interesting things to say about herself.

Karen, from Solodialogue.  She writes such beautiful pieces about her son, so now we can hear more tidbits about her!

Þorgerður, from Sturlungi.  I’ve recently started reading her site and love hearing about her son, but especially about life in Iceland.

Kara, from Karacteristic.  I’m going to keep on tagging until you finally do it.

LaliQuin, from Autism Wonderland.  This sassy momma should have some good tales.

Handflapper, from Handflapping.  Because it will be funny, funny shit people.  Whatever she writes, it is always some damn funny shit.


Editors note:  Listen people, be sure to grab the correct meme button if you are tagged.  It is the “Kreativ Blogger” button at the top, NOT the farting unicorn.  That’s just how I think of Lizbeth.



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  1. I made you cry, really?? Yet another way I’m like an onion. Those blasted cakes were on sale this week way cheap, and it is shameful how many boxes I bought.

    Know what made me cry?? Hearing Duran Duran’s latest music. It’s like a bad techno acid trip and should replace waterboarding at Gitmo. I suppose if you’re into all-night raves and taking Ecstasy you might like it. Maybe that explains why John Taylor looks the way he does these days. (Such a shame. He was my fave, too.)

    And what were you thinking tagging me in the same group as Handflapper?? Jeez-o-man, she will surely outdo us all. (No pressure, Flappy.) I’m gonna need a few days to come up with (meaning totally fabricate) “lots of interesting things to say about myself.” You have far too much faith in me.

  2. First, why do you always say such nice things about me? I must ditch this rep somehow! I have to! I want Grace to mail me Tasty Kakes!! Pass the tissue! It’s just not fair! Grace is secretly like Snow White that grew up in the ‘hood…

    Kelly has also tagged me. I still have to catch up on two others one from January (!)… I’m a deadbeat, what can I say? I’ll get there girl!

    You are a great faker because I’m quite convinced you know how to write. But, why oh why have you never seen a Star Trek?! Did they not have TV when you were little? How could you escape it? I’m not a big fan or anything but I could not avoid it! And hey, who needs melatonin when you’re reading Machiavelli? Pretty, pretty, impressive… 😉

  3. I always enjoy memes as written by the spicier people of the blog world. They’re always interesting. Oh, I feel a kinship with anyone who also lurved Duran. Simon Le Bon never called me. Never. Bastard.

  4. Hey Grace—I really want some cakes—where are my cakes?!? You are an awesome friend. I love it.

    And I may have to disown you. The fact you’ve never watched a Star Trek. Well, I do have to say the earlier ones weren’t my style but Jean Luke Picard—now that man makes me swoon.

    A farting unicorn, eh?!? I’ve been called worse.

  5. Okay yeah. I’m able to comment again freely. You may want to run and hide. So um…listen glitter farting unicorn launcher, I don’t have 2 interesting things to say on any given day. That means I don’t want to hear any yawning from anyone who reads the ten things they could have gone their whole lives without knowing and been happier. That goes for all three of the people who stop on by.

    That being said, we need to seriously discuss your relocation. Fathead HEB Buddy is creepy. I guess it makes me thankful, on some level, that when we have to go to Iowa to see the outlaws, the Kum and Go gas stations at every intersection, don’t have a mascot. EEeew.

  6. Wow. Just . . . wow. Pass the tissues, because I am weeping like an open sore over here. Oh, wait, never mind. Send bandages. That IS a weeping sore.

    I am so very flattered that you thought of me. I have received this award before, but I always have fun taking other people’s answers and putting my two cents worth (or less, usually) on them.

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