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One-Eyed Dog, A Follow-Up

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Last week I wrote about how our golden retriever got a tumor IN his eye, and the eye had to be removed.  If you missed it, you can go here.

I asked you lovely people to help me with ideas for nicknames (just a nickname, not a brand new name completely), and you did!  I mentioned that I would ask Connor to pick his favorite, but I forgot for a second that he has Asperger’s.  Here’s how that conversation went:

Me:  Hey kiddo, I’ve asked my friends on the computer to help think of a funny nickname for Bailey, since he only has one eye now, because it’s good to have some humor to help us feel better.

Connor:  His name is Bailey.  That’s his name.

Me:  I know that’s his name.  I named him.  12 years ago.  I only meant a NICKNAME, like when I call you “pumpkin” or “sweetie-pie”.

Connor:  Well I don’t want you to call me those, my name is Connor.

Me:  But you don……

(interrupted by ADHD moment)

Connor:  Can I watch a show?  Can I watch Avengers, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE??

Me:  But what about picking a nickname for Bailey?

Connor:  His name is Bailey.  That’s his name.

Me:  Oh forget it…I’ll put on the Avengers.

So yeah, that didn’t really work out like I had planned.  I mean, I should have anticipated this, but sometimes I get carried away and think that something will just happen in a normal fashion, but that is just silly.

Anyhoo, after careful consideration and much negotiation between myself and hubs, we have decided that our favorite nickname is:

Wonky Cyclops

See, I combined the recommendation of Marj and Lisa, with the one from Grace.

There were a lot of good suggestions, and many of you voted for “Patch”…but I felt like we needed something with a little…extra.  And that extra is “Wonky”.

We all need to incorporate “wonky” into our vocabularies a little more, don’t you think?

So, be sure to visit the winning creative geniuses behind “Wonky Cyclops” at their places:

Marj, at The Domestic Goddess

Lisa, at Autism Wonderland

and Grace, at That’sRightISaidIt.Dot.Mom

And now it is time for the unveiling of Wonky Cyclops!!!  First, here is Bailey a few months ago:

Awww, he loves his boy!

And here is Bailey on Saturday:

You know what? The hair will grow back and cover that right up, so don't be so down.

I know, poor baby, right?  He was looped up on pain killers for several days, but now he is doing much better, and is actually pestering the other dogs to play!  Of course, they don’t like his new accessory, because he wields that cone head around like a samurai sword.

The stitches should come out this week, and Bailey will be good as new.  Well, not new, but slightly dented and pain-free, so we’ll take it!



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  1. The cone of shame. Ohhhh, poor thing. Look at him. And it must be the swelling or something because his eye looks like it’s still in there.

    I can totally see Connor doing what you said. Totally see it.

    I’m glad Bailey’s OK.

  2. He needs a patch. And a new nickname. Wonky Cycops is too unwieldy. Maybe Patchie. Or Wink. Wink or Winky. Bang. Done.

  3. Aww, poor baby dog face.

    I really like Wonky McCyclops, personally…

    I had a very similar conversation with Mini Meerkat about nicknames for something else including the sometimes I call you sweetie, etc and got the same reaction. She was not having it.

  4. oh, the poor Baby! i want to give him scratches and nuzzles. ANd good for him wielding the cone of shame like a weapon. We all know anyone with only one eye is a total badass.

  5. Oh Marj and Lisa know all the “cool” names, don’t they? But adding the “Mc” on there for good measure just makes it perfect.

    He’s adorable eye or no eye, sweet furry thing. (And shhh- you do know Connor is right, yes? Don’t worry, I won’t tell.) 😉

  6. LMAO – gotta love our literal thinkers!

    I do love Wonky McCyclops – it does have a certain flair doesn’t it? 😀

  7. Poor pup. He looks so sad =(

  8. I’m so glad to hear that Bailey is on the mend… That whole pet surgery thing just sucks to the core, doesn’t it? I mean, you feel bad for doing it… The pet is pathetic… And it costs more than probably your first car and my first car put together!

    Well cheers to you and the new Wonky Cyclops. Here’s lookin’ at you kid!


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