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Special Needs Ryan Gosling Friday

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Is it just me, or has this been a long week?  Maybe it’s because the school year is ending and summer is starting, but it just seems like there’s angst in the air.

Luckily I have Special Needs Ryan Gosling to look forward to on Fridays, courtesy of Sunday, from Adventures in Extreme Parenthood.

So put aside your contempt for Jenny McCarthy, and her wacky autism antics, and skip reading those articles that imply that autism is caused by pregnancy weight gain, or breathing, or eating bacon, and enjoy Special Needs Ryan.  Be sure to visit the other SNRG contributors listed on Sunday’s site.



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Kid, husband, dogs, my mother, full-time job, maximum stress, minimal relaxation...sooner or later I had to vent. AND we moved from California to Texas. I could start a whole other blog about that.

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  1. extremeparenthood

    Hey now! That is an excellent idea! Where’s the Cloonster when we need him?!

  2. Karla (Mom2MissK)

    I gotta stop reading your blog while drinking coffee… Coffee out the nose again!

  3. you know–he lives just down the road from me. I say we just stop by–you know, with ropes.

  4. Clooney & Ryan. Come to momma!!
    And OMG you’re about to start on summer vacation? Wow, that’s a special sort of hell. 6 weeks here seems like forever….

  5. I heart George. Not as much as Ryan but I still heart him.

  6. I never would have thought to kidnap Clooney. It’s all so clear now!

  7. I thought getting an advocate was a good idea. Kidnapping Clooney, him and Ryan solving my problems…much better idea.

  8. Ha!! I prefer Ryan to Clooney.

  9. good old Clooney. Remember him when he was on Facts of Life? Yeah. Oh, there is angst in the air–you are so right!

  10. Not gonna lie. Every time I read one of these, for a brief moment, I believe them to be true. Don’t ask me what color the sky is in my world. Stuff won’t be right again ’til summer has ended. And by right, I mean…shit if I know.


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