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We’re Being Held Hostage Under the Big Top

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My kid gets stuck on things.  Always has.

When he was little, he would repeat lines from The Little Einsteins.  Then, for a while, it was the Move It  song from Madagascar, the theme song to Imagination Movers, and dialogue from Night at the Museum.

You can call it “scripting” or a “stim”, or you can just call it annoying.

I’m not sure if I should blame my husband, or Dreamworks for the newest diddy that’s playing on an endless loop at our house.  Madagascar 3 is out, and with it comes the worst stim/scripting/obsession yet.

Have you seen the commercials?  If you go here, you can experience the joy:

Copyrighted and owned and such by Dreamworks Animation.

Because all we hear at home now is:


Over and over and over again.

The repetition alone is irritating, but add to it that it’s a circus tune, which makes me think of circus performers of the clown persuasion, and you have a scenario in which I’m ready to jam an ice pick in my ear.

See, who wants to think about this when they’re trying to relax at home??

And in case you’re wondering, these obsessions tend to last about 2 months.

2 months.

Although hubs was the one to take him to the movie, I’ll go ahead and blame Dreamworks.  Those damn animation geniuses and their musical score department are set to ruin my summer.  But at least hubs is there, suffering right along with me.

I never thought I’d wish with every fiber of my being that Disney would hurry up and churn out another flick, with a catchy musical number.

I don’t even care if they get Phil Collins to sing it.  I swear.



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Kid, husband, dogs, my mother, full-time job, maximum stress, minimal relaxation...sooner or later I had to vent. AND we moved from California to Texas. I could start a whole other blog about that.

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  1. *hides from Tim Curry’s terrifying “It”*

    Since my son can’t live with me I’m not sure what his current obsessions are, but I do know that he spends a lot of time in his room listening to Kate Bush and Alice Cooper or watching the Merlin and Horrible Histories DVDs that D and I have bought him over the years (and I shall convert him to Whodom if it kills me, heheh). He also loves flipping through his RSPB magazines and looking at the pictures (he’s obsessed with birds, which is positively encouraged).

    The most amusing one for us and his foster family was “Macarena”. He learned it from his foster sister at his first foster placement – the moves and everything! We all thought it was adorable and were quite sad when he moved on to singing “Wuthering Heights”!

    • I can’t imagine someone trying to sing “Wuthering Heights” in that Kate Bush voice, that is a complicated song. When my 6 year olds sweetpea mp3 player worked we put our songs that we liked on it so it wasn’t so bad when he played them over and over and they weren’t kid songs. But he can’t sing and its broken now.

    • If my son ever becomes obsessed with Macarena, I might have to move out of the house!

  2. Ha ha! Apparently, it wasn’t written by the Disney musical score team. Chris Rock was just messing around on set and started singing that and they included it in the movie. Hate Chris Rock for this one.

  3. I have not yet had the pleasure of this one but I’ve got just one word to describe the scripting hell in which I’m living and its not even words – sirens.
    Yeah. Try that one out mama. You’ll be begging for that Madagascar soundtrack. 😉

  4. Oh, girl do i FEEL you. I am kinda glad Ben can’t really handle the movie theater, not that this damn movie won’t come to haunt me in the end…

    earplugs and vodka. Take as needed. 😉

    • I should have thought of the earplus/vodka combo years ago. I’ve been doing it all wrong, using one or the other, when clearly they were meant to be COMBINED.

  5. Um…you need a disclaimer at the top of this post because that clown scared the crap out of me.

    Norrin is a scripter too. His latest line on rotation is “Are we there yet?” Thanks Bart Simpson.

    But Madagascar does sound a tad annoying. Hope the 2 month cycle breaks 😀

  6. I’M stuck on that. I find myself singing polka dot polka dot afro when I’m alone.

  7. You don’t know how awesome it is for someone else to call this behavior annoying. My son is driving me banana sandwich!

  8. In order to better understand your pain, I not only watched the You Tube link you provided, but I endured another minute or so of the “Can you survive 10 minutes of the afro circus?” ( video. The answer? No. My teen got a chuckle out of it, just for a time or two of the repeat. She was more concerned as to “why?” I would watch that repeatedly. Thankfully, she had come in the room to show me something far more important than “afro circus”, so I had to pause the video. Never to return…. Good luck sis! xoxo

  9. Wow. Just wow. I think I would be day-drinking pretty quickly!

  10. Yeah. Major suckage there Flan. Too bad for all of us stims don’t come in the form our favorite lullabies. Or Gershwin. While those would also get aggravating, I’m sure they would make me need less prescription or street meds.


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