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This is Why Parents Should Always Lock Their Bedroom Door

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Am I alone here, or does this happen to you guys too??

It does, right?

Tell me it does.


What about this?  NO??


So it’s just me then.




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Kid, husband, dogs, my mother, full-time job, maximum stress, minimal relaxation...sooner or later I had to vent. AND we moved from California to Texas. I could start a whole other blog about that.

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  1. When my son was a toddler he would generally turn up in my bedroom at night… usually when I had company and was “busy” >_<

  2. The first one, definitely. The second one… not so much.

  3. That sounds exactly like something my oldest has done. So, no, not just you.

  4. You have not drawn the picture I fear most – although THAT one hasn’t happened. The others – meh. Not a big deal – yet.

  5. I wouldn’t get “nice underwear mom”. I would get “Ewww, you’re in your underwear. That’s gross.”

  6. At least you already had your underwear on. It’s worse to have your son ask you, “Mommy, what are those pink parts?” while pointing at you chest! ((blush))

  7. Whoa, I’m confused. The door is CLOSED?

    (BTW, trust me, I am the last person on earth qualified to comment on your drawing — see my complete lack of skills here: — but at first I thought you were putting on a noose.)

    I lost the privilege of modesty years ago. Like when giving birth. So much so, that I have to remind myself of social decorum sometimes – like you can’t just try on bras in the middle of the store. They prefer you strip down in dressing rooms. I mean really, who has time for that???

  8. Our bedroom door doesn’t lock… :-S I feel your pain! lol Mine has taken to trying to show everyone my bra… while I’m wearing it.. really.. including strangers.. so embarrassing!!

    • Ohhhhhh, nooooooo! So glad I’m not having that particular challenge, but I’m positive these barge-ins aren’t accidental. He’s got some pervy curiosity about what’s happening. Ick!

  9. Oh, I love it! Yes, this happens to me all. the. time.We’ve been teaching the kids about modesty and not stripping (or peeing) in public (Don’t judge. Danny LOVES peeing outside) and my daughter has taken it to heart apparently. I just recently was in the bathroom with the door closed. I was changing out of my swimsuit when my daughter barges in, says disdainfully, “wow, mom, you’re naked. You’re not being very modest, are you?”

  10. Oh man how I hate those moments. My son like to pick the moment to barge into the bath room just as I sink into the bath and always with a “I love you Mommy”

  11. Luckily Cameron’s still young enough to not care but Sarah Hazel told me the other day that my bra was ugly and I should get one that is hot pink with rainbows on it. Classy!

  12. That happens to me but my kid is usually in underwear AND he doesn’t even notice I’m half dressed or naked. He’s good like that. Now my daughter is MORTIFIED if she even sees a peek of my micro-boob.

  13. I truly do try to get dressed with the door closed, but the kids aren’t having it. So, if they get all traumatized for life and whatnot, it’s their fault, not mine.

  14. yeah. It happens to me. It happens when I’m innocently bent over, after my wash, painting my toenails, and my daughter barges in on me, and then makes a zesty comment about the details of my crack.
    It happens. I’m weary.

  15. My son loves to point and laugh at my “fur” as he puts it, and wants to know when my winkie fell off. Needless to say, he no longer sees me naked….

  16. I couldn’t even begin to count the number of times that has happened. I keep telling my husband to fix the lock on the door. But will he listen? No.

  17. Yes that happens all the time but my son likes to point at me and say “boobies”. He just turned 8 so his dad is uncomfortable with him seeing me naked. I used to be a single mom so my son had to be around me all the time so I could keep an eye on him so he’s seen me in all my glory. My mom was pretty lax about running around half naked so I it doesn’t bother me. My bf however was raised the opposite so we fight about it a lot. It’s hard for me though since I don’t even think about it most of them time and am used to having no privacy.

    I close my door when I am getting dressed but my son thinks my room is a playroom and likes to roll around in my blankets and jump on the bed. He is autistic so he doesn’t really grasp the idea of privacy yet. Hopefully eventually he will. I worry about him getting arrested for flashing or public nudity. Boys are so hard to raise when you are a girl!

  18. Bahaha! One time my nephew, who I’ve practically raised, walked in on me when I was dressing. He was six or seven at the time. He said, “Your bra says ‘va va va voom, but your panties say ‘I’m a nice girl.'” O.M.G.


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