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Out With the Old, Almost

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We’ve been submerged in super hero entertainment at my house.  Animated series of Avengers and Green Lantern and Transformers rule the roost, and gone are the days of Fresh Beat Band, Phineas and Ferb, and Team Umizoomi.

Sayonara, bitches!

Although these changes are bittersweet, I have to tell you, I’m not going to miss those Umizoomi kids.  And I’m still not quite sure what they are.  Are they small-statured aliens?

This is part of the process of growing and maturing.  So I was rather surprised the other night when, asking for a new iPad game, Connor chose Where’s My Perry.  It was fairly inexpensive, either .99 or $1.99, I can’t remember.  I figured that at that price, it was worth a try.

And I have to say, I am shocked.  He LOVES this game.

I love this game.

Agent P has to shoot down underground tunnels to get to headquarters, and there are blockages involving water, steam, ice and trolls that have to be navigated.  The game involves thinking and planning ahead, and figuring out how to maneuver the water, turn it into steam, unfreeze ice, and get it into the drain pipe to release agent P.  Planning and executing multiple steps to complete a task is excellent practice.

You even get Doofenschmirtz voice-overs!

I don’t want to give a video game too much credit or power, but it’s really well done, and anything that gets Connor thinking and planning ahead is pretty damn awesome, since this is a skill that he struggles with daily.

Every night at bedtime he asks to play this game.  So the deal is that he does his reading first, then he gets iPad time.  Sweet!  We have incentives for the incentives for the task.

Thought I’d pass on this info because I like to share when I find something that works.  We spend enough time trying things that don’t work, right?  So, check it out, friends.  It’s well worth the spare change.


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  1. I cannot thank you enough for sharing this. My kids will love this, and I needed something for some incentives. Perfect.

  2. My kids love it too. It’s quite possible I may have taken a gander at a few times 😉

  3. Thank you for sharing–this will be perfect for my older two boys!!

  4. I had to give you five stars for losing not just Millie, Geo and Bot but those annoying Fresh Beat Band people – especially that dark haired girl singer. Am I the only one who cannot take her voice?!

    Anyway, I’ll check out the game although Toots has not watched that show yet ( he’s loyal to Nick) we have Direct TV and since they are fighting with Viacom – Viacom walked away with the Nick Stations and we are now subsisting on TiVo episodes, so a little Disney is making its way in. Lord help me if he figures out Nick Jr is not on the air right now…

  5. awesome, thanks, my kids will love this!

  6. I love you, and I love that little man, but thank8pound10ouncebabyJesus that I never had or will have full time kids. OK, shit, maybe I shouldn’t say never because that’s gotten me into so much trouble lately with the Cosmos. Like almost anything I’ve said I’ll never do – something has forced me to do these days. Anyway, “Umizoomi” *rocks and shakes*. WTF happened to Bugs Bunny, or the Snorks even, for Christ’s sake?!?! I HATE modern kids stuff!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

  7. Thanks for sharing this. I think my older son would really like this game. 🙂

  8. Hey umifriend!

    This game looks great – both my boys have really taken to the iPad and it’s been a bit of a lifesaver in places like the dentists waiting room!

  9. ShesAlwaysWrite

    Well, crap. Now I want an iPad.

  10. Oh Oh thanks for this. I am so going to get this for my kids.

  11. We are still very much in the Umizoomi, Fresh Beat,Yo Gabba Gabba stage. I’m just thankful it isn’t Dora anymore.

  12. One of these days we’re going to get to agent P….. one of these days. But like Jennie B ^^^ today is not the day. Thank God they don’t have Yo Gabba Gabba apps is all I can say!

  13. I am going to check out that game for the ipad…Thinking ahead sounds like just the thing.
    Sturla mostly plays SPORE on the computer wich is a good game and can bee enjoyed on various complexity levels but he has been playing that for three years now…variety is in order I guess


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