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Symbolism Lost

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Friday evening, as I was getting dinner ready, the doorbell rang.  I was instantly annoyed because I thought it was another Jehovah’s  Witness, trying to foist their good news on me which, inexplicably, does not involve cash or tangible prizes.  I say tangible because, well, the promise of a vacation may be more appealing to me right now than the promise of eternal life.


Imagine my surprise to find Connor’s SPED teacher at the door.  She was all smiles and handed me a white paper bag for Connor (who was in the shower), and said she’d see us (tonight) at “Meet the Teacher.”

Connor and I sat at the table together and read the note:

How cool is that?

We poured the contents onto the table, and I started picking up objects and asking, “What does this mean?”

Me:  “What does the rubber band mean?”

Connor:  “Uh, to shoot at things or put around something.”

Me:  “No, remember the note, it says the rubber band symbolizes a hug.”

Connor:  “Oh.  What does symbolize mean?” That’s a hard one to explain, by the way.  Have you tried explaining that one yet?

Moving on…

Me:  “How about the tissue, remember what that one means?”

Connor:  “Yeah, it’s for when you have really gross boogers.”

Me:  “What about the button?”

Connor:  “That’s for pants.  Or a shirt.”

Me:  “And the candy kiss?”

Connor:  “That’s to eat!!  Can I have it now?”

Oh well, it was a lovely and creative thought.  But the symbolism was lost on my super literal thinker.  I wish all teachers put that kind of effort into welcoming our anxious kids back to school.  It was a great way to ease the tension.

It was a great lesson for me, too.  I will be sending Connor to the door the next time the JW’s come around.  He will not rest until he extracts some actual good news out of them, and not just far-off stories.


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  1. *southern accent* well, that’s just PRECIOUS.

    which symbolizes my disdain for this symbolic exercise. but, good on her for makin an effort.

  2. I bet it’s just as hard to explain as coitus. Thank you Sheldon Cooper. And I think I love your new SPED teacher!

  3. I think the effort was for you mom. Coming from a school that apparently wants my kid to blend so he will be easy to ignore, I think this is awesome. I wish more educators would make an effort to break the ice to get to know their students. And, by the way, who ate the lifesaver? 😉

  4. What a great idea, my son is a little young yet, but I think I may set him on the next deliverers of Watchtower at our door. His first question will be, “does God have toys for me up there?”

  5. What a clever idea! Connor makes me smile. I loved his answers…apparently I am 12, because his answer for tissues made me laugh loudly! Definitely put him on solicitor duty at the door. I bet you could write a book!

    And P.S., I’m loving his SpEd teacher.

  6. Love this! Love the teacher’s effort and I love Connor’s answers!! She sounds like one of those teachers or aides that you want to clone. There’s a reason there’s an expiration date on milk. Unfortunately, my son didn’t get a teacher that hadn’t gone sour until 4th grd. Luckily, he has her again for 5th grd this year! 🙂

  7. We had a similar first day of school experience — the kids made sock puppets and got to bring them home — LM’s was a cute purple “snake” with wiggle eyes. She she took it out of her backpack and showed me, I gamely asked “what is that?” (expecting her to tell me about her snake or something). Her answer? “A sock.” 😉

  8. Love that Connor’s teacher was so thoughtful, I bet she never realized the answers she might receive.

    As far as the JW invasion. We found a sure fire way for them to stop coming to our door. One day my husband answered the door in his tighty-whiteys and then next time they stopped by he was in full hunting mode from head-to-toe including his bow & arrow.

    Funny, we haven’t seen them since!

  9. Wow what a great teacher! If may have been lost on Connor but not on you and well that goes a long way to easing MOMMY’s anxiety too I am sure! Raising my coffee cup to you and toasting to a great school year!!!

  10. I think that exercise was pretty effective in that it sparked up an interesting dialogue between you and Connor and he got to kinda, sorta learn about symbolism.

    My son was actually an effective excuse to get out of an exchange with a JW who showed up at my door one morning this summer. My son is a “bolter” in that when that front door opens he will try to make a run for it. When I opened the door and the man started speaking, my son tried to wiggle past me to the great wide world beyond our front yard. I interrupted the guy and let him know that my son was going to make a run for it and that I had to shut the door. He apologized and that was that. And, because Joel loves to tear up paper, I gave him the Watchtower to appease some of his sensory needs. It was a win/win situation.

  11. Is answers are right after all =)

  12. Marianna Annadanna

    Wow that is so cute.

    Symbolism is hard to explain to a kid. Like one thing that makes you think of something else…? Like a star symbol on an iPhone app almost always symbolises favourites!

    I win the challenge. Wheres my prize.

  13. That is sweet. Good luck with the symbolism…I am not about to try that at home though.

  14. Yeah, I suck. I put ours right in the garbage. Just didn’t have it in me that particular day.

  15. I love that the speech teacher came to your house!! But I’m thinking I would have the same problem explaining that to my kid…


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