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Flu Shots – Making Lasting Memories

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When I picked up Connor yesterday, he glanced at my purse and saw the bright orange wrapper.


“Is that candy?  Can I have it?”


The reason I didn’t tell him earlier that I was taking him to the pharmacy for a flu shot was because he has a tendency to obsess over things like that.  I didn’t want him worrying about it all day.  But now I had to tell him that we were headed to the pharmacy, and the candy was his as a reward after he gets his flu shot.


“Shot?  I don’t want a shooooooooot!”


We talked about what happens when someone gets sick with the flu, and how we can avoid that by getting a shot.  I assured him that I had already been given my shot earlier that day, at work.  Still, it wasn’t until I said, “We have to, there’s no other choice.  And we have to protect grandma from getting the flu, because she’s old and it would be very bad for her to get sick,” that he quieted down.


An hour, people.  AN HOUR.  That’s how long we waited at Walgreen’s.  Luckily there was a mother there with a little girl, about three-years-old, for about half that time.  Connor grabbed a balloon they had to hype up the flu shots, and played, gently, sweetly, nicely, with that little girl.


He also cleaned me out of every damn bit of change I had in my wallet, enthralled by the wonder of the hyperbolic funnel donation container.


It spiiiiiiiins!


Finally, they called his name.  We went to the chairs behind the little make-shift curtain.  The pharmacist was really nice, and explained the shot to him.  Still, he pulled away.  Then she said, “It’s like a force field for inside your body, so the germs can’t make you sick.”


What’s that you say?  Force field?  You mean, like in Star Wars?




I wrapped my arms around him, pinning his left arm to his side, and began counting to three.  She got that shot in and out in record time.  I said, “Look, she’s done, you hardly even noticed.”


“Where’s the hole?”, he asked.


We explained that it’s too small to be seen.


“I’d like an x-ray, please.”


That even took me by surprise.  I know we’ve talked about x-rays a couple of times, but I wasn’t ready for that kind of logical quick-thinking.


The pharmacist and I laughed, and told him they don’t do x-rays at the pharmacy.


“Okay.  My turn now.  I’ll give you a flu shot now,” he said to the pharmacist.  Of course, this brought more laughter, and she assured him that she’d already had her shot.


As we prepared to leave, she said, “He is so sweet and funny, I really enjoyed him.”


Now that’s something I’ve rarely heard about my child, and have never heard it from school, so it just about brought me to my knees.


I thanked her and smiled.  As we explored the Halloween aisle, I wiped that lone tear from my eye and laughed.  A flu shot.  A fucking flu shot just made my day.


I’ll take it wherever I can get it.




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Kid, husband, dogs, my mother, full-time job, maximum stress, minimal relaxation...sooner or later I had to vent. AND we moved from California to Texas. I could start a whole other blog about that.

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  1. Flan, that is awesome, brilliant and all sorts of goodness wrapped up into one little package. I wish my kids were half as good as Connor. We had three adults holding Lizzy and she still took out a person. Answered the question if those Tae Kwon Do classes are working.

  2. Sweet…I love this story.

  3. So sweet and awesome! I wish more people said this kind of thing, you can get so sick of hearing about all the things your kid can’t do…

  4. LOVE IT. Running into kind people like that whose comments and time make our lives beautiful, are make-out worthy. I don’t care who they are.

  5. Hell, any positive interaction is a good thing. A positive interaction that could have been a major disaster, that is worth everything.

  6. LOVE THIS!!

    And making mental note to self: when taking Norrin for a flu shot, make appointment somewhere in Texas.

  7. Hope it was mostly pennies you had to give up! He did a great job. I’ve been dreading taking Toots – it seems he’s been getting worse at shots the older he gets… but you have inspired me that there may be hope. I’ll just have to get 2 candy bars so I can get the reward when we’re done as well. 😉

  8. Love this. Casey got his yesterday, too. We got it done at the pediatrician, then I went to the pharmacy and got mine done in solidarity. He could have cared less.

  9. Oh wow, what a wonderful way of putting the whole idea of vaccinations. I must remember that when I take my son to get his flu shot next month. 🙂

  10. Love it! I love those (rare) little unexpected moments when my daughter can be really appreciated by someone for who she is, and she is on her best behavior. The best thing is that they always pop up when you least expect but most need them. 🙂

  11. It’s count it as a win 🙂

  12. I love that she enjoyed your son and said that to you.

    (And, I love those coin vortexes, too. I pretty much use up all my change on them, too, and I’m 47 years old!)


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