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Spectatorship Requires a Lot of Gear

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So out of the clear blue, Connor starts talking about wanting to play soccer.  This began somewhere between turkey day and Festivus.  This was surprising because we had offered many options for extracurricular activities in the past.  You know, in case there was something he wanted to try out.  But there never was until this came up.

I am not a sports person.  I could care less about about playoffs and finals and whatnot.  But I’m all about supporting my kid if he wants to try something.

But this soccer thing has really been an adjustment.  For me.

First, I had to go buy one of those camping-type chairs that fold up and can be stowed in the trunk of my car.  It will be in the trunk of my car until the day I get rid of this car, because I never have time to clean out my trunk.  So I will always be ready to do some serious sitting around, in my fancy, foldable chair.

By the end of the season this is a total possibility.

By the end of the season this is a total possibility.

The next issue has been the weather.  We haven’t had snow like most other places (don’t hate), but we’ve alternated between 50-degree days and 80-degree days.  Every Saturday when we set up our spiffy chairs on the sidelines, it’s a toss-up as to whether I’ll need a blanket or sunscreen.  Two weeks ago I froze my ass off, and had the sniffles for a week.  Last weekend I forgot to sunscreen myself, and I went home and passed out for two-hours, with a sunburn and probably heat stroke.

Yeah, this is me.  What?

Yeah, this is me. What?

Now let’s talk about bathrooms.  I’m a 40-something (cough) mom with a bad back and a tiny bladder.  This whole soccer game thing has really wreaked havoc with my bathroom schedule.  They have bathrooms at the park, but like most park bathrooms, they are beyond disgusting.  And usually they’re out of paper.  And don’t take a chance on actually touching that seat.  So I’ve got to bring my own paper and be some sort of contortionist to try and use the facilities.  And I’ve got to be drinking something during the game, to ward off that heat stroke.

prevent heat stroke

And apparently there is snack duty involved in sports.  I guess each parent can’t just bring a snack for their kid.  That would be too easy, especially since we all know what our own kids like.  Nope.  Each week we trade off being in charge of bringing snacks.  So I’ve got to carry my folding chair, sunscreen, blanket, toilet paper, AND snacks.

All this, to watch some 2nd graders play soccer for an hour.

But you know what?  I may have battled frostbite, heat stroke, dehydration, and filthy bathrooms, but it wasn’t all for naught.

I get to watch my son play as part of a team.  And I got to see him score his first goal.

And he is having FUN.

But most importantly, he feels like he’s part of something.  And for a boy that’s always been different, always struggled to fit in, it’s a BIG DEAL to be part of something.

It’s been worth every single discomfort.


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  1. So happy to hear that he is enjoying it. ❤

  2. By the way… Find the episode of “Everybody Loves Raymond” where they have to bring snack for their child’s team, and of course, it turns into a mess. I think it is in season one or two. You may be able to relate. 🙂

  3. First, I love love love that you know what Festivus is 🙂
    Second, this is why Allie is not in team sports. The parent-pressure of the whole bring a snack for everyone thing. Oh and make sure it is healthy and did you know so-so cannot have chocolate and did you remember to bring enough for the adults too? HA!
    But mostly, I am so proud of Connor. That he is enjoying himself and being that typical kid who tortures his mom with team sports.

  4. Nothing spells love like frostbite, sunburn & toilet paper!! But my 2 cents is this- pack yourself a designated driver – (where’s Daddy?) & some margaritas – you’ll forget the bad stuff & make a great cheerleader, eh? Yay for Connor!! 😉

  5. I COACHED my kid’s soccer team – two frickin’ seasons – and managed to only have one bag of gear. Well, two bags if you count the balls. But it kinda sucked. One, I don’t play soccer. I mean, I do now! I got suckered into it. It’ll be easy they said. Batshit insane soccer moms don’t exist they said. Uh-huh. NEVER. AGAIN. However, my son really loved playing and I loved being able to see him run around with other kids. He even managed to kick the ball sometimes 🙂

  6. Love this…I love to hear how Connor is doing….I hate soccer actually but will fake it till i make it… planning to try and teach it to Sturla, his whole class bonds over this so…we have no choice in the matter but teach the basics
    having fun scoring a goal…sweet 🙂

  7. We tried baseball and it was mostly successful. We have moved on to fencing and James is doing great! It isn’t as confusing and it teaches all kinds of wonderful manners. PEACE

  8. I totally get the whole bathroom thing. When I travel, I make a point to remember where all the good (and bad) bathrooms are. My husband and I stopped at a rest area once that was out of toilet paper, so I made a mental note to always have a roll in my car and carry a handful with me into public bathrooms. No woman wants to drip dry!

    By the way, thanks for following me on Networked Blogs. 🙂

  9. This is just so, so awesome!

  10. Awwww….so glad he is having FUN!!! You’re an awesome mom!

  11. Congrats! Team sports— so exciting!!!!!!!! haven’t found a team for my cuties yet but am working on it. lol at all the stuff you’ve gotta bring!


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