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Crimes Against Chickens

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A good example of how I think Connor knows something, but apparently doesn’t really know it happened the other night.  He’d finished his dinner and asked if he could have one of his colored Easter Spring Equinox eggs.

Me:  “Sure.”

Connor:  “Eggs are really like bird eggs.”

Me:  “Yes, they’re exactly like bird eggs because they come from chickens, and chickens are birds.”

Connor:  “REAL chickens?”

Me:  “Of course.”

Connor:  “Wait.  You mean these are eggs from actual chickens?  So I’m eating a baby bird when I eat the yolk?”

Me:  “No.  They aren’t fertilized, so it’s not a baby bird, it’s just an egg.”

Connor:  “So you mean you stole the eggs from chickens?  You just took the chicken’s eggs away?  That’s really mean, mom.”


Me:  “No.  Farmers gather the eggs and send them to grocery stores.  Chickens lay eggs almost every day.”

Connor:  “So when you lay eggs does someone take them and send them to a store?”

Me:  “I don’t lay eggs.  Human eggs stay inside the mother.”

Connor:  “Can I just have yogurt instead?”

If he asks us where chicken nuggets come from, I’m screwed.  Imagine the persecution I’ll endure when he finds out I’ve committed MORE crimes against chickens.


Light it up brown for poultry awareness!


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  1. Coincidentally, my decidedly not on the spectrum son and I had almost this same conversation last night about chickens. It was like chicken always meant two different things: the animal and the packaged product from the grocery store. He passed on it last night too!

  2. Where do I find brown light bulbs? 😉

  3. Oh my gosh, your boy cracks me up! I have never told Allie the mystery of where chicken nuggets come from. I would rather tell her where babies come from, I swear! I am deathly afraid of the day she asks where hot dogs come from.

  4. This is just too funny… I love the way he thinks this through….and I am lighting it up brown.

  5. My laughter made my children have fear.

    I die. You are so funny.

  6. “Can I just have yogurt instead” made me spit laugh

  7. Whatever you do, DO NOT tell him that yogurt comes from cows.

  8. At least he didn’t ask which came first, the chicken or the egg. 😉

  9. Is that chicken threatening me? This is not a safe space.


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