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The Snugg iPad Cover (and chicken art!)

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When the nice people at The Snugg contacted me to do a product review, I said yes right away. I haven’t been really thrilled with our iPad cover, it’s really bulky and inconvenient to hold.

They sent me a red (my favorite color!) leather iPad case to try out. And I have to say, I really love it! It arrived last week and as soon as I took it out of the package, I could tell it was really nice quality. The leather is soft, but durable.


I braced myself for the 5,000 questions that Connor was going to throw at me. Whenever anything changes, there always has to be copious questions and explanations. So he asked why there was a different cover, and I told him it was a nicer cover and even has a “kickstand.”

He hogged the iPad the entire weekend. I’m not even kidding.


I did get to use it Thursday night. I was lying my lazy butt on the couch, and decided to draw a chicken (as you do). Instead of having to get up and sit at the table, I just used the flip stand so the iPad stayed upright while I created my masterpiece.

And I’ve NEVER drawn a better chicken.  Seriously.

My best chicken ever!

My best chicken ever!

The iPad cover even has a handy little loop for holding a stylus, and a hand strap on the inside cover which is soooooo convenient. The covers are reasonably priced from $29.99 up to about $34.99, and come in several different color choices. An extra added benefit is that the cover comes with a lifetime guaranty! You just don’t find that very often.

They have many other accessories on their site, so be sure to check them out.

As for device protection, I feel like the case adequately protects the iPad if it were dropped, although I did not drop my iPad to test this theory. For those of you that have children who are inclined to THROW the iPad, then you may want to opt for a cover that offers more extreme protection as this is geared toward average, everyday usage.

The Snugg also offers cases for smart phones, tablets and Kindles!

Disclosure: The Snugg provided me with a free iPad case in exchange for a product review.


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  1. But but but but butbutbut…. where’s *MY* chicken? 😉


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