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Special Needs Ryan Gosling Friday

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Is it just me, or has this been a long week?  Maybe it’s because the school year is ending and summer is starting, but it just seems like there’s angst in the air.

Luckily I have Special Needs Ryan Gosling to look forward to on Fridays, courtesy of Sunday, from Adventures in Extreme Parenthood.

So put aside your contempt for Jenny McCarthy, and her wacky autism antics, and skip reading those articles that imply that autism is caused by pregnancy weight gain, or breathing, or eating bacon, and enjoy Special Needs Ryan.  Be sure to visit the other SNRG contributors listed on Sunday’s site.



Special Needs Ryan Friday

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It’s Special Needs Ryan  Friday again, created by Sunday at Adventures in Extreme Parenthood.

It’s hard to believe, but I think Ryan gets hotter every week!  Here’s this week’s photo:

Be sure to click on over to Sunday’s site to check out the other SN Ryan entries.


Edit:  ALSO??  My buddy Lisa, from Autism Wonderland, asked for guest posts last week, and today she is running an oldie but goodie that I recycled and sent her.  How awesome is she?  Way awesome!  So check her out, and check me out while you’re there, checking her out!


Special Needs Ryan Gosling (Can Build a Bridge)

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Sweet succotash, it’s Special Needs Ryan Friday again!!  I’m glad we were all able to drag our bloody stumps over the finish line to get here.

If you don’t know about Special Needs Ryan, well you must be living under a rock, my friend.  Click here to learn about it:

And here’s my Ryan (that’s right, I said MY Ryan):

Be sure to check out all the other awesome Ryan photos, and make one for your site!


Special Needs Ryan – Happy Friday

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Linking up again with Adventures in Extreme Parenthood for Special Needs Ryan Gosling.  Check out all the awesome peeps that linked up!



Here’s this week’s Ryan:


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