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Progress On Wheels

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One of the moms from Connor’s social skills play group messaged me last week about getting the boys together to go skating.  I warned her that Connor had only been skating once before, and wasn’t very good, but she assured me that Alan was at the same level, so we made plans to meet on Saturday.

I used to love to skate when I was a kid, and I was pretty good.  Although, I never did master the coveted “backward skating” that kids do, looking all cool and shaking their assets to the music.  And believe me, I had ass-ets.

But alas, I’m old now, and have bigger, more fragile ass-ets than I used to, which is why I laughed when I saw the other mom on skates.  “Oh no, not me, sister.  I’m not even totally reliable on foot, and I have a bad back, so I’m hoofin’ it today.”

It wasn’t long before her sneakers were back on, and we chatted as we walk/rolled/held up the boys and made our laps around the rink.  Her adorable son was like an octopus made out of rubber bands.  Long, gangly, and extremely resilient.  He’d start to fall, flail around and grab our hands, bounce back up, start to fall again.  Her wrist was killing her, and my lower back was screaming at me.  But shortly, something amazing happened.

They didn’t need us anymore.

Her son found a helpful, cute girl, and he chatted her up and held the rail all the way around.  Connor seemed to find his balancing point, and alternated between talking to his friend, and skating a lap around the rink.

And we sat and talked, like people do.  Other people, usually.

Of course, we had to keep one eye on the boys.  Even though he was still shaky on skates, Connor managed to find a stairway leading up to the area where they have tables and chairs set up for parties.  In true ADHD fashion, he sneaked (snuck?) past me three different times to attempt to make his way up the stairs on hands and knees.  He didn’t really have a reason why he wanted to go up there, but there were stairs, dammit, and he was going to climb them.

"Must get to stairs, must get to stairs, must get to stairs-oh look, a candy machine! Must get to stairs, must get to stairs..."

Luckily we all made it out in one piece, and no one needed an ambulance ride.  Although muscle relaxers were certainly in order (you know, for the moms).

It was a pleasant, semi-relaxed outing, which is always welcome.

Connor was so pleased with his newly acquired skating prowess, that he proclaimed in the car, “THANK YOU FOR TAKING ME SKATING, YOU’RE THE BEST MOM EVER!”


Also, he mentioned that he saw a kid skating backwards, and  “it was so cool, I’m going to do that next time AND I’m going to even skate on the walls and up to the ceiling!!!!”

He might be combining Spiderman with roller skates, I’m not sure.  I just wish him luck trying to master backward skating, because if he does, he’ll already be light-years ahead of me.

"I'm skating backwards and I'm KING OF THE WORLD!!!"


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